The Life of a Teenage Princess

My name is Grace and I am so excited to share my life, my stories, and my adventures with you!

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We Are the FREAKS!

So, life is going back to normal this week. . . The past month my entire schedule has been thrown off because of church commitments and birthdays—Oh wait! My dad’s birthday is Friday!!! He’s turning 47, although I feel like he should be younger than that. . . Neither of my parents look their age,Continue reading “We Are the FREAKS!”

A CATastrophe

Do any of y’all have that pet that lays on your bed when you are trying to make it? And, you don’t want to wake them up because they are either too cute to disturb, or you know that if they wake up, you won’t get a moment to yourself again. . . (I kindContinue reading “A CATastrophe”

Commitment Issues

Ha! You thought I was going to talk about a relationship of some kind. Well, think again! Because, I am not in a relationship, nor have I ever been in one, so there. Now, back to what’s important. . . So, you know when you get motivated to do something but you have to doContinue reading “Commitment Issues”

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