Does anyone else HATE, like absolutely LOATHE, drama?

Not like THE drama as in plays and musicals, but like the verb form when people just want attention so they create fights attempting to put the spotlight in their direction. . .

I wouldn’t say I’m a dramatic person, and Alyssa loves THE drama (noun form) but she doesn’t like drama (verb form).

I find drama exhausting. . .

When Glory was little, she constantly was creating drama with her friends.

They would be friends one day and mortal enemies the next. . . And, even though Glory isn’t the cause of the drama at her school now, she somehow is wrapped up in the middle of drama created by others.

I don’t like drama.

Right now, my only friends in Oregon are really my sisters and the people I see at church. . . My sisters can still make ANYTHING drama, but I can shut them out.

So, church is my only drama free world. . . Or, so I thought.

Guys, why do people have to have the spotlight on them? Why can’t we just share it and live a peaceful life? Why is that so important to others?

At church we have people who want to stir up trouble. They want to cause drama. They want to hurt others to create the illusion that they have more “power.”

I’m tired.

I don’t understand why they do this. . .

I don’t understand how they can be all in, and then suddenly be all out.

I base my judgment off of my parents’ judgement and counsel (for the most part). . . But, when I make my own decisions, I’ll consult God and a wise friend.

But now, my judgment just wants the drama to end. I’m 17, but I feel like an old woman whenever it comes to drama.

I know it sounds weird, but whenever some sort of drama comes along, I feel like the world is ending, as if I’m not going to make it through that drama before I die.

Anyway. . .

To sum up this post. . .

Please don’t be that dramatic person.

Its not attractive and it turns people away from you.

Just be you, and share the spotlight!

Stay tuned for my next post. . .


Grace 💜

When Scent Makes Sense

Hi y’all!

So, like three weeks ago, I received the author’s copies for my novels!!!

Anyway, so I need to go through and edit them AGAIN, because a writer’s work is never done. . . 😁

And, so I decided to highlight all of my mistakes so that I could easily find them later.

But, then I thought it would be cool if I marked sticky notes in my books every time a scenario I wrote about applied to my life.

So. . .

I’m literally only on Chapter 6 of 20!

I know, I’m a mess. 😂

Anyway, since I started doing this, I thought y’all might enjoy some of the notes I left. . . 😊

(I blocked sentences out that weren’t related to the sticky notes so that you guys could understand it better.)

(APUSH stands for Advanced Placement U.S. History 😃)

Comment down below if any of these apply to you!

I have TONS of other comments too, but I chose a few of my favorite ones, especially the notes about Alyssa! 🤣 She doesn’t know I posted this!!!

So, that’s what I’ve been up to recently, although I have WAYYYYY more editing to do!

As I’ve said before, Twilight Woods is my favorite novel so it has less mistakes than the others do, so I chose to do this one first because I like to read it on my own time. 😊

I don’t know; it may sound weird to some of you guys, but I get tickled when I find old stories of mine and little diaries I kept as a kid. . .

Hey! I just realized that I never told y’all why I named my book Twilight Woods!

Okay, any time I say the title, everyone automatically thinks of The Twilight Zone, but that has NOTHING to do with my story!

So, on one day in February (this year), my mom took us to Bath and Body Works because they were having a sale on all the discontinued products, and so a lot of the products were cheap.

Now, I only like one scent from there, Japanese Cherry Blossom.

So, when we arrived, I was dead set on just getting my normal scent and then waiting in the car for my sisters to take an HOUR to find something that pleased them.

But, when we were browsing the clearance rack, I noticed this 3 in 1 pack that was in a beautiful periwinkle package. . . And, periwinkle is my favorite color, so I naturally was drawn to the bundle.

I decided to give the scent a chance. . .

I opened the lotion up and took a big old wiff.

It smelt SOOOO good! SOOOO sweet and yet not overpowering!

I fell in love with the scent, as in I would probably say that it took Japanese Cherry Blossom‘s spot for my favorite scent!

I actually still have it and carry the spray around with me in my backpack. . .

It was called Twilight Woods.

So, yeah, I literally will take something as simple as a scent I liked and turn it into a novel!

And, ironically, I just ran out of my Twilight Woods scent, so I had to go to Bath and Body Works yesterday to replace it. . .

But, it was discontinued. 😢

So, I had to pick a new scent. . .

But, I couldn’t choose a favorite! 🤣

I really REALLY like the Frosted Coconut Snowball one, though. It smells so GOOD!

Anyway. . .

I hope you enjoyed the inspiration behind the story!

Stay tuned for my next post. . .


Grace 💜

Confession Time. . . ADDICTION

So, I feel like I must confess my recent sin. . .

Guys, I tried so hard. I really did.

17 years I have been clean, but last week I finally caved under the peer pressure. I finally defiled myself. . .

I swear it was because of Alyssa’s influence. If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have fallen.

But, GUYS!

I’m so HAPPY! This stuff makes life so much easier!!! 😆

Where has it been all of my life?! 😏

I’m an addict now, and I’m not ashamed to say it because I know my family and parents will accept me in the end. They love me and will overlook my new habit, my new choice of drink. . .

Here’s my fridge now, stocked.

Oh my gosh! This stuff is soooooo GOOD!

I’m a little bit scared that I am for REAL addicted to the stuff.

My friends’ parents each tried it while they were staying with us, and they said that it tastes like watered alcohol and wine, soooooo. . .

I want to be careful so that I don’t EVER think it’s okay to drink alcoholic beverages.

This drink is where I draw the line.

I will not drink anything over that amount of alcohol. And, it only has 0.5% of alcohol in it, but I want to limit myself anyway.

I’m also thinking about branching out into coffee if Voila Coffee can make a flavor I like. . .

I know. . . I’m crossing over to the dark side. 😂

Oh, hey!

I did a new cover art photo last night!

Remember the slave girl story I wrote about before?

I redid her painting to make her look more innocent, more wounded, more human like. . . But, at the same time, she looks like a character and cartoony.

Here it is:

Cool, huh?

I used my brush pens for her hair, clothes, and wounds, but I had to use normal watercolor paint for her skin because it always shows streaks when I use the pens.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my addiction account! 🤣😂

Stay tuned for my next post. . .


Grace 💜

Oregon, Day 10: Saying Goodbye

Today was the day. . .

I had to say goodbye to my best friends. 😢

I caught Zach and Judah off guard this morning and their reactions LITERALLY describe how I feel right now.

But, I’m fine. I didn’t cry this time, but I knew we are going to see them next month, so that could be why I wasn’t so emotional.

It’s okay though. This trip really helped me mentally.

I’ve finally been able to move on from my childhood crush and my best friend. I’m content. I don’t feel like I need to compete for their attention any longer.

I think I’ve finally grown up. . . which is a good thing, I guess.

Now, I don’t have anyone to obsess over. 😊😁

I think I’m content with just being single. At the moment, I don’t really want a guy to pay attention to me.

I just want to focus on my faith and my family.

But, maybe one day I’ll find my Prince Charming, and when I do, I’ll know that I’ll get my happily ever after. . .

You know what? Life is beautiful.

It really is.

God created such a beautifully complex and gorgeous world with societies that are full of the impossible.

The people in my life are what make life worth it.

Choose to put the people first in your life instead of the world that possesses your life.

That’s the key to happiness in a material world.


Grace 💜

Oregon, Day 9: Teenage REVOLUTION!

Today we kids were left alone while the parents went on a hike to see a waterfall. . .

Ummm. . . There was 10 of us. Ten TEENAGERS left home alone!

Now that might sound like a rebellion just waiting to happen, and if I’m being honest. . .

Here are some texts from our group chat after the parents hadn’t been gone for ten minutes.

This conversation. . .

Led to this conversation. . .

Yep. That happened. 🤣

Anyway, ALL TEN OF US procrastinated our homework all week because we wanted to spend time with each other, so we had to do homework for the majority of the time.

Our parents were gone for 5 hours.

The girls cooked lunch for the first hour. Then I spent the other four hours preparing and cooking dinner.

While dinner cooked, we played SIGNS together!


Oh, hey. . .

Did I mention that I was put in charge of these kids?!

Yep. I was.

But, everyone was chill.

No revolt happened, no one got hurt, and no one caught the house on fire.

It was actually really nice without the adults around. I tidied up, cooked, switched laundry, did part of my homework, and still managed to play with my friends.

Today was a good day. . .

I’m not looking forward to tomorrow. 😫😣


Grace 💜

Oregon, Day 8: Camping

I can’t say that I’m happy at the moment.

My friends are leaving the day after tomorrow. . .

It seems the days have gone by without the mercy or beauty of prolonged time.

I want life to just slow down for a bit, just long enough for me to enjoy the special people in my life. 😣

I can tell y’all that I think this trip was good for me. Y’all know my relationship to these boys and my girlish dreams of marrying my best friend.

But, I think seeing them again has shown me that I can move on with my love life. They have girls that they like, and I have my own crushes. We can still be close friends and that’s what is important. 😊

Anyway, today we went to a campsite just to hang out; we even stopped by the Metolious River!


And, a Sheriff showed up too!

I honestly thought he was going to force us to leave, but he was actually pretty cool! He just wanted to tell us that there was a gazebo just a few campsites over. 😁😆

Cops are so nice in Oregon!

Anyway, we stayed at the site for 4 hours talking and catching up on memories and such before we grabbed some Dutch Bros. on the way back. 😁

I’m going to miss my friends when they leave!!! 😭😢😭

But, it’s okay because we’ll see them in only SIX weeks!

Guys, never let a friendship die on your account! It’s worth it to put in the effort in a friendship. The things you reap from it are worth all the time you sow into it!!!


Grace 💜

Oregon, Day 7: The Game

Hey guys!

Sorry I’m posting this so late. . .

Today has just been amazing! It has really been a DREAM!!!

We went to church as usual, which means that we left the house at 9:45am and didn’t get home until 6:15pm.

Yep. That’s church for us. . . AND I LOVE IT!

Anyway, after church we invited over some friends.

The guy who went to New Zealand. His brother-in-law. His roommate. And, our worship leader.

(Just a side note. The roommate, William, said someghing that I hadn’t thoughy of in YEARS! He called me Gracie by accident, which is understandable. And, then he called me Gracie Lou. I remembered tonight thay everyone back home in Texas called me Gracie Lou. My teachers called me that, so did my friends, and even my family did. I had forgotten that. It brought a smile to my face. 😊)

So, they came over and we played The Game.

The Game is also known as Marbles and Jokers, but with slightly different rules.

If you don’t know either game. . . Well, they are like advanced versions of Sorry.

So. . .

I’m not going to explain the game because it’s WAYYYY too complicated to even try to explain over a blog post, but I wanted to mention it anyway.

I love this game SO MUCH because it brings strangers together. Take tonight for example.

Zane, the guy who went to New Zealand, is a complete stranger to me, as is his roommate. I know next to nothing about either one of them. I haven’t spoken two words to either one, and tonight I got to watch them and laugh with them and play with them.

They are actually really cool people, quirks and all! 😊😏

I love nights like these! I love being able to just enjoy the life I’ve been given and the people I’ve met. . .

They make life worth all the trials. They’re family, whether they’re blood or not.

I know that I could put my life in their hands and be completely safe.

I may miss Texas because of the friends that live there, but I could NEVER call it home, because home is now the beautiful place in Oregon!

I’m SOOOO grateful my parents moved our family here, even if it meant sacrificing idols in our lives. This is where I was meant to be. . .


Grace 💜

Oregon, Day 6: Glow and Snow

Hi y’all!

Last night we made glow in the dark BODIES!

I was so tired by that point so they didn’t make it in my last post, but I wanted to show y’all anyway!

Here’s a few of us. . .

Yeah. We had fun!

And, we even played a live game Among Us!!!

Glory was the Imposter and literally killed us all except for Bella!

Anyway, that was last night.

Today, we went to the snow park again!!!

As you can see, we had an ABSOLUTELY amazing time!

I’m going to be so sad when they leave next week. 😥😫

These kids are my besties for life. . .

I just realized that this blog is legit like my diary! 🤣😏

Guys, cherish the ones that you love and the ones that love you. . .


Grace 💜

Oregon, Day 5: TURKEY day

Happy Thanksgiving y’all!

I hope your day has been AMAZING!

Because of my faith, we don’t celebrate holidays since most of them have pagan roots.

But. . .

Thanksgiving is one of the few holidays we celebrate!!!

I just LOVE food!

It’s kind of what I live for. 😂

And, to all the guys out there, some women (like me) don’t want gifts. If you just give them food, they’ll be fine

I’d be content with only a milkshake. 🤣

Anyway, I want to mention a few things I’m grateful for. . .

I’m thankful for. . .

My family.






New beginnings.

Remember to count your blessings because you may not have them one day! Be grateful for what God has given you!

I hope y’all have an WONDERFUL day!!!


Grace 💜

Oregon, Day 4: Scamalot

Guys, y’all should know what happened to me today after looking at the title of my post. . .

Today has been FRUSTRATING to say the least!

So. . . Basically, my earbuds shorted again for like the THOUSANDTH time!

And, I decided that I was going to upgrade my $10 Apple earbuds and get Beat headphones so that I wouldn’t have to keep replacing my earbuds. . .

So, I got on my computer and searching “Beats wireless solo 3,” which is the model of headphones Alyssa has.

And, if you search that, the first website that pops up is. . .

Then you are taken to this site. . .

GUYS!!! This is a SCAM!

All of these website links are LINKED to the SAME website:




Beats by Dr. Dre IS A SCAM!!!

I bought a set of silver Beats solo 3 headphones. And, then I got a confirmation email from pay pal. . . But, I don’t have pay pal so it wanted me to confirm my account.

This made me start digging into what I had just done.

I noticed the email I got DID NOT have an order number on it. . .🤔🤔🤔

I got even more suspicious that I had been duped when I couldn’t find the number.

So, I went to the support system and got on three different chats trying to figure off if I could just cancel my order.

I was redirected to Apple’s support chats, NOT DR. DRE’S website support chats.


One woman searched up my order in her system FOUR different ways before telling me to try calling directly from a chat on the Beats by Dre website.

I did, and the guy was from Apple, which is NOT where I purchased the headphones from.

He was super nice and after seven minutes of explaining the situation to him, he told me I had been scammed. . .😖😟😥😫😒

I was so frustrated that people try to scam innocent people out of their money!


I went around and around for 2 hours trying to fix the mess I got myself into!!!

Anyway, I contacted my bank and after the holidays are over, the bank will help me get my money back, until then, they froze my card.

And, now I’ll have to get another one. . .

And while all this is happening, I’m having a mental breakdown because I’ve never delt with a scam so severe first hand. . .

But, as I was crying tears of pain and frustration, everyone else, all 10 of them, were in the living room waiting for me to come play a game with them! 😣

I was embarrassed, but the game we played was fun! My team won 9 out of the 11 rounds we played!

Anyway, please, PLEASE don’t fall into this trap that I fell into! Let your friends and family know that it may seem like an innocent website but it’s NOT!

Stay safe tomorrow! 😘


Grace 💜

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