A CATastrophe

Do any of y’all have that pet that lays on your bed when you are trying to make it?

And, you don’t want to wake them up because they are either too cute to disturb, or you know that if they wake up, you won’t get a moment to yourself again. . .

(I kind of wonder if this is how moms feel 😊 )

Anyway. . .

Yep. I have a cat that does this every time I try to make my bed and it’s only when I wash all of my bedding. So, I only wash it every so often, but every time, without failing, this is the result. . .

Am I the only one, or do other people’s pets do this too?!

My bed will literally stay like this until he decides to move or I feed him after he sleeps for 16 hours!

Anyway, I hope this brightens your day, knowing that you aren’t alone in this charade, or because it’s funny enough to put a smile on your face. Either way, my day is going to be delayed several hours.

Stay tuned for my next post. . .


Grace 💜

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6 thoughts on “A CATastrophe

    1. My siamese is a rescue, and very gentle! He doesn’t make scary noises but rather whines when he wants to go outside. . . I’ve had him since he was seven weeks old–that was five and a half years ago. His name is Silas “Si” Nicolas Robertson Higgins!

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