Moving? Nahhh

Today, my parents were talking about our travel plans for our trip to Texas in January. . .

If you haven’t figured that out by now. . . I moved to Oregon from Texas four years ago.

Anyway, I’ve always longed to be back home in Texas.

I love the heat and sunburns.

I love the people.

I love the water. 😊 (The water is brown just so you know.)

I’ve always planned on moving back after High School, but now. . .

As they were talking about our trip, I didn’t feel that connection to that place anymore.

I mean, I love Houston and our little town, but I don’t long to be there.

I’m content with my life in Oregon.

I love the forests.

I love my new church and family and college.

I love the blue water and hikes.

But, most of all, my parents are in Oregon, and I’ve learned that I don’t want to move away from them especially since my mom’s weight loss is so concerning for her health.

Here’s her before and after pictures. . .


But, if you ask my parents, they still think I want to go back to Texas, maybe date my best friend that lives there, and start my life there. . .

Now, I’m not so sure.

Maybe, just maybe, I’m supposed to live here in Oregon for a reason.

I think this is my new home. 😁

Stay tuned for my next post. . .


Grace 💜

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