Demon Possessed. . .

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in several days. I’ve been going hard core on my exercise workouts lately. Today and yesterday I was on our elliptical for over 3 HOURS, but don’t tell my mom because she’ll think I’m obsessed or something. . .

Which I’m not. I just love the feeling exercise gives me.

Anyway, you’ve clicked on my post because of its title.

And, now you expect some AWESOME story of how I was delivered of demonic oppression. . .


Now, I’ve been upping my workouts’ intensity, hence the 3 hours, but I also added a few foreign stretches or exercises or whatever you call them. . .

One of those “stretches” was a plank.

Have you ever done a plank before?

I hadn’t done one since the seventh grade and let me tell you. . .


I saw this video where this girl showed her before and after pictures when she did 30 second planks for three weeks. So, I stupidly decided to try it.

That first plank. . . Oh my gosh!

I literally was on the floor convulsing from the way my abs were being pulled and strained!

I now know how it feels when a demon leaves your body. . .


It was so scary too! Like I thought I was DYING!

Guys!!! This was just a PLANK!

Like literally the only thing you do is hold the pushup position (but you rest on your elbows and forearms not your hands) for 30 FREAKING SECONDS!

I literally took a ten minute break just to recover from that ONE plank!

I need to workout more often. . .

Anyway, that has been occupying my time for the last few days. . .

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you about how us three sisters made dinner for our parents Monday night. . .

Let me put this gently. . . It was a DISASTER!

Stay tuned for my next post. . .


Grace 💜

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