What Just Happened???

So, I woke this morning like any other morning although I did wake up a little late, but that’s beside the point. . .

So, I woke up and found a new comment on my blog!

But not just any comment!!!

This comment linked me to another blogger’s post where she was nominated for an award called the “Black Cat Blue Sea Award,” and she nominated me for the award, which I gladly accept! I am SUPER excited and thankful for being nominated by thegirlwhospeaks!

So, as I understand it, this an award for bloggers who post about things that everybody can enjoy! They don’t just limit themselves to one particular subject. . . And, they don’t necessarily need a TON of subscribers to influence the world!

And, if you’ve ever read just a few of my posts, you know that I cover a variety of subjects. 😊

So, there are some rules:

Her (thegirlwhospeaks) Questions:

  1. Which book have you read most recently and how did you find it? The last book I read was Ella Enchanted because I love the whole Cinderella vibe it gives me and yet it’s a completely different story with ogres and fairies and elves, etc. And, I have a thing for Princess stories—as y’all all know—so I’ve had the book for FOREVER!
  2. What is something you’ve tried your hand at during the lockdown? Oh, that’s a tough one! I actually have a full-size Acoustic guitar that I haven’t played once in the SIX years I’ve had it up until lockdown, but I’ve been learning how to play Mad at Disney on it recently!
  3. Which movie is your current favorite? Okay, this one is a no-brainer! I absolutely, positively LOVE the Live Action Lion King. I know that other people think it’s lame, but that movie was my childhood! I have seen the WHOLE Triology, plus the Live Action version! Oh, how I love the Lion King! 😂

My Questions:

  1. If you could choose anywhere to go (with no expense in mind) to have the perfect day, where would you go, and what would you do?
  2. What literary character from The Princess Bride would most likely reflect your personality?
  3. What is one thing you have discovered about yourself during Quarantine?

People Who I Am Nominating:

  1. Arein
  2. Cindy
  3. Riverside Peace
  4. Jojo_ayeni
  5. da-Al
  6. Bookstooge
  7. Stu

Feel free to totally decline the nominee if you don’t want it!

Stay tuned for my next post. . .


Grace 💜

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10 thoughts on “What Just Happened???

    1. Well. . . It’s one of my favorite movies and every time I mention it to peers, adults, etc. everyone instantly knows what I’m talking about so I thought I’d use it in a question, and if they don’t know what it is, they’ll look it up and now know about it!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Hi Grace,
    Thank you for the nomination. Haven’t had one in quite a while.
    I may not have seven that I haven’t foisted this type of pass-along before. I do have a lot more followers.
    Thank you.


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