G’day Mate

So, y’all probably don’t know this, but I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Australia and New Zealand; it’s been my dream vacation for the past couple of years. . .

I think it became my dream vacay after I found out that the two lead singers of my favorite band are originally from Australia, and I absolutely adore their accents!

I don’t know, but maybe that’s why.

Anyway, so there’s this young guy at my church (I won’t say who he is because he has a thing about social media and stuff like that), and he just got home from New Zealand!

So, his family and mine are close—Or, maybe I should say that we speak freely with one another; I don’t know how to describe our relationship to them.

The kids are in their twenties, and their dad is just a little bit younger than my dad, so. . .


My parents are like mentors to the kids. . .

Okay, back to the reason why I’m blogging.

So, this guy came home and started telling us about his trip, and of course, I was FASCINATED because this guy got to live my dream vacation for like months!!!

But, he didn’t speak too highly of New Zealand. . .

He expressed how their version of barbeque was a disaster, how their Mexican food was carrots and peas rolled up into a burrito—YUK!—how the cars were so cheaply made, how most people slept with their “partners” and didn’t get married, and how they don’t get ANYTHING done.

(Food is my life, so that’s why I mentioned it twice 😊)

He was, and is still working for his brother-in-law who actually lives here, but he (the brother-in-law) was expanding his company in New Zealand, hence the reason why this guy was in New Zealand. . .

Anyway, apparently the people there take A LOT of vacations or ‘holiday’ as they call it, so the production for the company took FOREVER to get up and running.

I was impressed at how he mentioned the whole “partners” thing wasn’t for him. He wants to actually get married which I commend him for because I know that takes guts to say. And, as a person who is a virgin, I’m grateful for him standing up for what is right, and setting a good example for me!

But, what shocked me the most was that he didn’t seem to enjoy the people’s accents, which was my favorite part about New Zealand!

He kept describing the accent as annoying, but we convinced him to “talk” like them just to demonstrate what was so annoying to him, and he did the accent!

He was so cute!

I don’t know why but accents make a guy TEN TIMES more attractive!!!

I don’t know. . .

Maybe it is annoying to some people, but I like it. . .

So, long story short, I doubt I will be going to New Zealand anymore after this guy’s experience. . . But there’s still Australia!

A girl can dream!

Stay tuned for my next post. . .


Grace 💜

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3 thoughts on “G’day Mate

  1. Hi Grace:
    First, those are HIS opinions. His tastes. What he likes/doesn’t like, etc. Try not to let that interfere with what you want. More research? Sure. Watch some videos? Definitely.
    But food and language? Mate, he visited another country whose accents (to us) are different than ours. Other parts of the world close their minds to American English.
    And the food he complained about? How about not eating what you can get on a common basis in the US and trying some new Cuisine?
    I am sure you’ve heard about how horrible the food is in London and around the UK. I’ve been over three times: I think there was only one place that I didn’t particularly enjoy, but it was crowded by the locals. I never went into a Pizza Hut or McDonald’s (et al).

    Try not to let his opinions cloud over something you want to experience. Only thing I’d give a second thought to is violence in that part of the world.

    The above is MY opinion. These are just my thoughts/suggestions.
    You do you.


    1. Thank you, Stu!
      It is true that those are his opinions, but his opinions still matter to me. . .
      It’s not just those reasons at the moment that are preventing me from going there, but a few others that are related to family matters 😊
      I can’t leave my family for any long period of time; we know that our time is limited with each other and I know that if I find a place I adore, I probably will never come back!
      You know what I mean?
      I’ve found peace with myself to just stay put until the time comes for me to have a change in scenery.
      💜 Grace


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