Well. . . Sorry I’m posting this so late, but I was busy cleaning the majority of my day.

I got up, exercised for an hour and a half and then went straight to cleaning.

It’s good for me, though; it’s almost therapeutic.

So, after cleaning for four hours, I crashed.

I often will get sick after cleaning “violently” for a long period of time; it’s not like a cold or fever but more like headaches and pain. It’s okay, though. I enjoy cleaning. 😁

So, I was woken up by my sisters. . .

And, they had dimmed the lights and busted out the candles and literally made ratatouille for dinner!

Alyssa has French decorations in her bedroom so they decorated the kitchen with them and made the table all cute!!!

Unfortunately, I slept through all the cooking, but my sisters are getting the hang of cooking healthy dishes; it was delicious!

They went off recipe though, but next time I’ll post the recipes they use!

It was a perfect night and definitely worth all of the cleaning. 😊

I write this to you half alseep, so please excuse any spelling errors because my eyes literally won’t stay open as I type.

On another note. . .

Zach had his knee surgery today and is doing well! He’s doped up on meds but feeling “pretty good” when he lays down. . .

Keep him in your prayers as he now battles recovery and getting his life back to normal!

Here’s him after the surgery, but he’s now at home resting! 😏

Stay tuned for my next post. . .


Grace πŸ’œ

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