Living in the Past

So, most people don’t know this about me. In fact, no one other than my parents and sisters know this. . .

Remember when I mention our trip to Texas?

So, that is happening in January and we’re in November at the moment, and I have packed my suit case already!

Yeah, last year, I packed FIVE months in advance, but then two days before I was leaving on that trip, I had rewash all of the wrinkled clothes. 🙄

So, I bought a new backpack to take with me on the plane because my old one is too small to pack anything in it. . .

It’s a laptop backpack, I think? (The old one.)

Anyway, I’m from the south, and there’s a brand of backpacks and bags and wallets that’s is SUPER popular in the south.

It’s called Vera Bradley.

They have super cute backpacks for girls and you can get them cheap on Amazon Prime Day.

But, they are SUPER expensive for a backpack because it’s a name brand, I guess. Just check it out and you’ll know what I’m talking about. . .

So, since our trip isn’t for several months, I don’t know exactly what I should pack and since I’ve lived in Oregon for so long, I don’t remember what we wear in Texas during January. . .

It’s weird.

It’s like all of my memories are from Texas or Missouri, but I don’t remember what everyday life was like. . .

Remember Inside Out?

You know that Disney movie with the emotions controlling the young teenage girl, Rylie?

In that movie, they depicted little workers throwing away old memories once they fade from thought.

I have my core memories, but the others have just vanished.

Which could be a good thing since I have no bad memories of anyone. 😆

I used to waller in the past, but now I find myself living each day, one day at a time. I’m not necessarily concerned at what I could’ve done; I’m more concerned at what I can do, if that makes sense?

I’m looking to my future, living in the present.

Instead of, living in the past 24/7.

It’s a good thing, I guess, but also frightening at the same time. 😬

But as I’ve said before, maybe I am supposed to move on and live the life I have instead of the life I once had. . .

Stay tuned for my next post. . .


Grace 💜

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