Today marks the beginning of our “re-lockdown” for Oregon. . .


Hooray. 🙄

So, Monday, my sisters and I went ice skating because it was our only chance to do so before the lockdown began again. . .

Ummm. . . I don’t really like ice skating, and before now, I had an excuse to never have to actually skate with them, but now I don’t.

I used to have a problem with the support in the arch of my left foot. It used to KILL me anytime we went hiking so I finally got it checked out and apparently, I have high arches or something so I got some special shoes with inserts for hiking and I was good to go. . . But, then it started hurting again, like to the point that it caused EXCRUIATING pain.

Eventually, we went to Bethel Church in Redding, California for a healing conference where I was healed of the pain. (I think that was in February of 2019.)

Here’s us praying over the Russian people sitting in front of us at the conference. . .

Anyway, now that I’m healed. . . I can’t fall back on my foot as an excuse to get out of things.

So, I had to do it. I had to go ice skating.

No joke, as soon as I got on the rink, nightmares of my fingers getting slashed by my ice skates after falling flooded my head.

I tried to just pay my mom back for the price to skate but she wouldn’t let me, so I had to tough it out.

The first half hour was so scary for me. I wouldn’t let go of the side of the rink and nearly passed out and my knees kept locking and caving in on me.

Then I tightened my skates and decided to test the waters a bit. I did okay, but every time my sisters would come near me to “cheer me on,” I would nearly fall, and I suddenly couldn’t breathe! (I think that part was in my head, though.)

I know they were just trying to help, but I still got so frustrated with them.

When I was alone, I felt like no one was judging me, but when I heard familiar voices I kept thinking that I looked like an idiot!

I know I shouldn’t have let it get to me, but it still did. . .

Here’s me that morning, before we went ice skating. . .

Notice how I look HAPPY in the snow, and how my hair is perfect. . .

Here’s after. . .

I know it’s hard to tell because we are all so “photogenic,” but notice how my mask is falling from fatigue and how my hair’s part is no longer existent and how my hair is drenched in SWEAT from wearing too many layers.

Which reminds me. . .


This Is A Public Announcement!

We are currently on the look out for a boy about eighteen who ice skates, wears a grey beanie, a grey sweatshirt and brown flannel, has light brown hair, has a little sister, and whose dad drives a silver truck. . . He was cute and kept looking at Alyssa the entire time we were there skating.

And no, I do not know what his name is or who he was. . . But, Alyssa is VERY interested in meeting this kid again, so PLEASE let us know if you find a boy matching this description!

Thank You For Your Time.

~ The Higgins Sisters

Anyway. . .

Now, here are the side effects/consequences for going ice skating. . .

Yes, I took this picture in the bathroom, and that IS toilet paper in the background. 😊

I know it may not look like much, but when those cuts and blisters weren’t healed over, they were hurting like FIRE anytime they rubbed up against something! They kept me up all night!!!

Ugh. ☹

But, after I got over the anxiety and sweat and hyperventilation, I was okay.

I actually enjoyed myself!

I got to watch cute guys skate for an hour and a half!

Anyway, I hope this brightens your day!

Stay tuned for my next post. . .


Grace 💜

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