My Purge. . .

Hey guys!

I know I’ve been radio silent for the past two days; y’all know that isn’t usual for me. 😋😏

But there was a reason for my pause in posts. . .

You see, I thought it would be an interesting challenge to fast from not only food, but also from technology for two days.

So, on Wednesday night at 5:30, I started my fast.

No laptop.

No phone.

No food.

There were only three exceptions to my 48 hours of cleansing.

  1. I needed my phone to use as an alarm in the mornings because I’m a heavy sleeper.
  2. I needed to use my laptop to turn in school assignments that were due.
  3. And, at the 24 hour mark, I could drink a half cup of a smoothie of some kind.

I have fasted MANY times before in my life, whether it was to lose weight, to follow a Biblical command, or to intercede for a special person.

Needless to say, I wasn’t too worried about the food part of my fast, but I thought it would be easier to give up my tech than to give up my food.

Oh, how I was wrong! 😆

My technology fast. . .

GEESH! I didn’t think it would be hard because I’m not attached to my phone like my little sister is.

You can ask my family; I NEVER have my phone on me.

However, all throughout the fast, I would want to do little things that I wouldn’t necessarily consider apart of technology, such as depositing a check through my bank’s app, or editing my novel on a program only installed on my laptop.

It kept killing me how I couldn’t perform insignificant tasks such as listening to music or checking my email or playing a video game with my sister.

It was rough, but not impossible.

To make it so that I couldn’t “cheat” during the fast, I also forbade myself from sleeping throughout the day so that I couldn’t sleep through the fast. I wanted myself to actually experience the full effect of ditching technology and food for 48 hours. . .

I think it was worth it because I was able to understand where I stand in life.

At that moment, I would rather give up food than technology, and that shouldn’t be the case. This “challenge,” this test told me that I need to change my priorities in life.

And, it wasn’t that I was trying to binge watch a TV series or anything extreme; I just constantly wanted to get on the internet to get answers or write stories or stalk people on Facebook. 😂 Those all require using technology believe it or not.

And, I was addicted to tech; not to the point of trying to cheat during my fast, but I definitely had my moments where I would think about just looking up something real quick.

It’s tests like these that prove what kind of people we are, and what we truly value in life. And for me, that was tech over food.

I don’t think I ever fully realized that until yesterday. 😥

Speaking of yesterday. . .

(I’m turning this post in a different direction now. 😊)

Yesterday marked a momentous occasion for me.

It’s not something big, but it is significant enough in my life that it’s worth celebrating with a Dutch Bros. chocolate milk shake. 😁😏

Yesterday, I reached the target weight I had hoped to be at this month.

So, within the last six months—since my mom was diagnosed with cancer—I have lost 20 pounds!

I know that may not sound like a lot, but according to research you’re supposed to lose weight at an average pace of 1-2 pounds per week. I lost 8 pounds in five months, and in the past month I lost the other 12 pounds. . .

(I don’t want this post to sound like I’m body shaming myself or over weight people, but I need to write this post as if to have closure about all the anxiety I’ve had in the past about being over weight.)

And, honestly, no one in my family can tell that I’ve lost weight because they’re so used to how I look now, but here’s a comparison for y’all who didn’t know me in June:

Me @ 165 lbs. . .

I HATED taking pictures because of the way I looked!

Me @ 145 lbs. . .

(The first picture is from today!)

It may just be me, but I look like a COMPLETELY different person!

I know I’m supposed to love myself for who I am, but I also know that I should take care of the body God gave me. . .

(I also know there are filters on so that you can see reindeer antlers, but just look at the shape of my face and smile, or even the bags under my eyes!)

Just by looking at my face, you can tell that I’ve lost weight, and I plan on continuing to maintain my healthier lifestyle from now on; I don’t EVER want to gain weight from neglecting my body.

Again, this post isn’t meant to body shame myself or anyone else! It’s meant to encourage others, because if I can put the effort into myself to lose weight—trust me—anyone can!!!

I am not a person who openly admits that I need help or I’m over weight or I eat too much or I eat unhealthy! I keep my insecurities to myself 😣☹ But, I’m learning how to not only deal with my insecurities, but also how to conquer them!!! 🤗

I hope my “purge” results help inspire you to figure out what is important to you in life! And, I hope my diet/exercise results help inspire y’all to shoot for the stars!

Never let doubt keep you from doing the impossible!

Stay tuned for my next post. . .


Grace 💜

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