Good Grief!!!

Oh, no!

What have I done?!

So. . .

I don’t know what I did or how it happened, but. . .

So, hypothetically, if some guy liked you, but you don’t like him like THAT, what would you do???

Because, I showed up to church today and this kid kept hugging me!

And, he has NEVER done that before, like NEVER.

He came to the same Bible study as me this Thursday and kept sitting beside me, saying, “You looked sad so I thought I’d keep you company.” That’s when I first noticed his behavior.

Again, after all the hugs today, he sat beside me when we were chatting in a group with some adults.

GUYS!!! This is a twelve-year-old!


And, I could see myself dating someone who is 22 or 23 (a five year difference).

But, it’s different and weird if a 12 year-old likes me.

And, the thing is, he’s a sweet kid, so I don’t want to hurt him. . .

We have the same problem with this girl at my church, but she targets older men, like WAY older. And, I know this kid is only five years younger and not twenty years younger than me, but it’s still inappropriate for him to be doing that to me (hugging me over and over, I mean) with our age difference.

I can understand the girls at my church hugging me and even the younger kids, boy or girl, but I can’t allow him to keep doing this. . .

It’s not fair to him or to me.

But, I don’t know what to do, because this kid used to be serious, and now he’s loosened up and has become this free spirited boy. . .

I don’t want to hurt him and forever scar him because I rejected him . .

And, I’ll admit that I intentionally reached out to him several months ago because I just wanted him to feel like he had someone he could vent to, someone to come to since he’s from a broken family.

So. . . I’ll quit texting him. But, I only really do that on Wednesday nights to see if his mom remembered we had youth. We don’t text other than that.

And, about the hugs. . . I guess I won’t hug him back until he gets a hint or until it becomes a problem.

I honest to goodness didn’t expect THIS to happen!

I love the kids at my church; they’re like younger siblings to me and I would never intentionally try to hurt one of them. That’s why this is such a delicate matter. . .

Any suggestions???

Stay tuned for my next post. . .


Grace 💜

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