So, I know I’ve written a LOT in the past 24 hours, but I need to make another post before I go to bed tonight/this morning. . .

Our parents had been acting suspicious all week, but I just assumed that our grandparents were coming to visit us because that is what they led us to believe.

How I was wrong!!!

So, my sisters tried to figure out the big secret because they weren’t convinced that our grandparents were coming to visit us.

I knew someone was coming, but I didn’t know who. And, because I had been going along with my parents every wish for the past 2 weeks, my parents just assumed that I knew who was coming. . .

But, I didn’t.

And, I knew that if I didn’t look into what my parents were trying to keep from me, I would have a much more enjoyable experience when it came time for the surprise to be revealed.

One thing led to another and my dad was leaving the house because the alarms at his work were going off which led to us watching The Notebook with our mom which led to my dad coming home with our guests. . .

And, I cried. 😁

Because they happened to be my best friends!!!

I had NO idea. . .

(By the way, this is the same family that Zach belongs too! You know, the friend that literally just had KNEE SURGERY!!!)

. . .We’re not related to each other at all, but we refer to each other’s parents as “uncle” and “aunt.” We’re THAT close.

They are family to me, and they always will be. 😊


And that folks if why you NEVER try to look into your parents’ suspicious behavior because it could end up being the best gift you will ever be given!!!

Thank you Mom and Dad! I know you made this possible and I am ETERNALLY grateful!!!

I’ll post pics as we have adventures for the next 10 days!

Stay tuned for my next post. . .


Grace 💜

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