Oregon, Day 1: Snow Park

So, today was the first day I got to spend with my family that flew here all the way from Texas just to visit us!!!

We had a BLAST!

We had a snowball fight, went sledding, took a slight tour of the forest, and visited with friends while eating good food!

It’s hard, though, because my best friend doesn’t want to share me with his brothers and sister.

And, I want to spend time with ALL of them.

And, poor Zach can’t do much with his knee, so I want to make sure that I spend time with him too, so he’s not alone. . .

It’s complicated.

But, what’s even more complicated is that Zach is my childhood crush ever since we were in kindergarten.

What’s even MORE complicated is that I started to like his younger brother, who is my best friend, but after I revealed something I shouldn’t have, he kind of let me go and I let him go.

And, Zach. . .

He’s just amazing. I haven’t really gotten to talk to him in the past 4 years, but so far we’ve talked a lot since they arrived yesterday. . .

And, he’s a great guy, a little immature, but still a great kid. 😊

Anyway, we had fun today at the snow park and chilling by our fire pit!

I’ll update y’all on tomorrow’s events!


Grace πŸ’œ

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