Oregon, Day 4: Scamalot

Guys, y’all should know what happened to me today after looking at the title of my post. . .

Today has been FRUSTRATING to say the least!

So. . . Basically, my earbuds shorted again for like the THOUSANDTH time!

And, I decided that I was going to upgrade my $10 Apple earbuds and get Beat headphones, so that I wouldn’t have to keep replacing my earbuds. . .

So, I got on my computer and searched “Beats wireless solo 3,” which is the model of headphones Alyssa has.

And, if you search that, the first website that pops up is. . .

Then you are taken to this site. . .

GUYS!!! This is a SCAM!

All of these website links are LINKED to the SAME website:




Beats by Dr. Dre IS A SCAM!!!

(If you buy them online and not from Best Buy.)

I bought a set of silver Beats solo 3 headphones. And, then I got a confirmation email from pay pal. . . But, I don’t have pay pal so it wanted me to confirm my account.

This made me start digging into what I had just done.

I noticed the email I got DID NOT have an order number on it. . .🤔🤔🤔

I got even more suspicious that I had been duped when I couldn’t find the number.

So, I went to the support system and got on three different chats trying to figure out if I could just cancel my order.

I was redirected to Apple’s support chats, NOT DR. DRE’S website support chats.


One woman searched my order in her system FOUR different ways before telling me to try calling directly from a chat on the Beats by Dre website.

I did, and the guy was from Apple, which is NOT where I purchased the headphones from.

He was super nice and after seven minutes of explaining the situation to him, he told me I had been scammed. . .😖😟😥😫😒

I was so frustrated that people try to scam innocent people out of their money!


I went around and around for 2 hours trying to fix the mess I got myself into!!!

Anyway, I contacted my bank and after the holidays are over, the bank will help me get my money back; until then, they froze my card.

And, now I’ll have to get another one. . .

And while all this is happening, I’m having a mental breakdown because I’ve never delt with a scam so severe first hand. . .

But, as I was crying tears of pain and frustration, everyone else, all 10 of them, were in the living room waiting for me to come play a game with them! 😣

I was embarrassed, but the game we played was fun! My team won 9 out of the 11 rounds we played!

Anyway, please, PLEASE don’t fall into this trap that I fell into! Let your friends and family know that it may seem like an innocent website but it’s NOT!

Stay safe tomorrow! 😘


Grace 💜

4 thoughts on “Oregon, Day 4: Scamalot

  1. Man, that must have been insanely frustrating!! Oh, and I can totally relate with the earbuds…earbuds are very annoying..they break, and get all tangled up…
    Maybe this will cheer you up:
    How do you tie the hardest knot in the world??
    Step One: Place a pair of earbuds in your pocket.
    Step Two: Wait one minute.

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