Oregon, Day 8: Camping

I can’t say that I’m happy at the moment.

My friends are leaving the day after tomorrow. . .

It seems the days have gone by without the mercy or beauty of prolonged time.

I want life to just slow down for a bit, just long enough for me to enjoy the special people in my life. 😣

I can tell y’all that I think this trip was good for me. Y’all know my relationship to these boys and my girlish dreams of marrying my best friend.

But, I think seeing them again has shown me that I can move on with my love life. They have girls that they like, and I have my own celebrity crushes. We can still be close friends and that’s what is important. 😊

Anyway, today we went to a campsite just to hang out; we even stopped by the Metolious River!


And, a Sheriff showed up too!

I honestly thought he was going to force us to leave, but he was actually pretty cool! He just wanted to tell us that there was a gazebo just a few campsites over. πŸ˜πŸ˜†

Cops are so nice in Oregon!

Anyway, we stayed at the site for 4 hours talking and catching up on memories and such before we grabbed some Dutch Bros. on the way back. 😁

I’m going to miss my friends when they leave!!! 😭😒😭

But, it’s okay because we’ll see them in only SIX weeks!

Guys, never let a friendship die on your account! It’s worth it to put in the effort in a friendship. The things you reap from it are worth all the time you sow into it!!!


Grace πŸ’œ

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