Confession Time. . . ADDICTION

So, I feel like I must confess my recent sin. . .

Guys, I tried so hard. I really did.

17 years I have been clean, but last week I finally caved under the peer pressure. I finally defiled myself. . .

I swear it was because of Alyssa’s influence. If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have fallen.

But, GUYS!

I’m so HAPPY! This stuff makes life so much easier!!! 😆

Where has it been all of my life?! 😏

I’m an addict now, and I’m not ashamed to say it because I know my family and parents will accept me in the end. They love me and will overlook my new habit, my new choice of drink. . .

Here’s my fridge now, stocked.

Oh my gosh! This stuff is soooooo GOOD!

I’m a little bit scared that I am for REAL addicted to the stuff.

My friends’ parents each tried it while they were staying with us, and they said that it tastes like watered down alcohol or wine, soooooo. . .

I want to be careful so that I don’t EVER think it’s okay to drink alcoholic beverages.

This drink is where I draw the line.

I will not drink anything over that amount of alcohol. And, it only has 0.5% of alcohol in it, but I want to limit myself anyway.

I’m also thinking about branching out to coffee if Voila Coffee can make a flavor I like. . .

I know. . . I’m crossing over to the dark side. 😂

Oh, hey!

I did a new cover art photo last night!

Remember the slave girl story I wrote about before?

I redid her painting to make her look more innocent, more wounded, more human like. . . But, at the same time, she looks like a character and cartoony.

Here it is:

Cool, huh?

I used my brush pens for her hair, clothes, and wounds, but I had to use normal watercolor paint for her skin because it always shows streaks when I use the pens.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my addiction account! 🤣😂

Stay tuned for my next post. . .


Grace 💜

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