When Scent Makes Sense

Hi y’all!

So, like three weeks ago, I received the author’s copies for my novels!!!

Anyway, so I need to go through and edit them AGAIN, because a writer’s work is never done. . . 😁

And, so I decided to highlight all of my mistakes so that I could easily find them later.

But, then I thought it would be cool if I marked sticky notes in my books every time a scenario I wrote about applied to my life.

So. . .

I’m literally only on Chapter 6 of 20!

I know, I’m a mess. 😂

Anyway, since I started doing this, I thought y’all might enjoy some of the notes I left. . . 😊

(I blocked sentences out that weren’t related to the sticky notes so that you guys could understand it better.)

(APUSH stands for Advanced Placement U.S. History 😃)

Comment down below if any of these apply to you!

I have TONS of other sticky notes too, but I chose a few of my favorite ones, especially the notes about Alyssa! 🤣 She doesn’t know I posted this!!!

So, that’s what I’ve been up to recently, although I have WAYYYYY more editing to do!

As I’ve said before, Twilight Woods is my favorite novel so it has less mistakes than the others do, so I chose to do this one first because I like to read it on my own time. 😊

I don’t know; it may sound weird to some of you guys, but I get tickled when I find old stories of mine and little diaries I kept as a kid. . .

Hey! I just realized that I never told y’all why I named my book Twilight Woods!

Okay, any time I say the title, everyone automatically thinks of The Twilight Zone, but that has NOTHING to do with my story!

So, on one day in February (this year), my mom took us to Bath and Body Works because they were having a sale on all the discontinued products, and so a lot of the products were cheap.

Now, I only like one scent from there, Japanese Cherry Blossom.

So, when we arrived, I was dead set on just getting my normal scent and then waiting in the car for my sisters to take an HOUR to find something that pleased them.

But, when we were browsing the clearance rack, I noticed this 3 in 1 pack that was in a beautiful periwinkle package. . . And, periwinkle is my favorite color, so I naturally was drawn to the bundle.

I decided to give the scent a chance. . .

I opened the lotion up and took a big old wiff.

It smelt SOOOO good! SOOOO sweet and yet not overpowering!

I fell in love with the scent, as in I would probably say that it took Japanese Cherry Blossom‘s spot for my favorite scent!

I actually still have it and carry the spray around with me in my backpack. . .

It was called Twilight Woods.

So, yeah, I literally will take something as simple as a scent I liked and turn it into a novel!

And, ironically, I just ran out of my Twilight Woods scent, so I had to go to Bath and Body Works yesterday to replace it. . .

But, it was discontinued. 😢

So, I had to pick a new scent. . .

But, I couldn’t choose a favorite! 🤣

I really REALLY like the Frosted Coconut Snowball one, though. It smells so GOOD!

Anyway. . .

I hope you enjoyed the inspiration behind the story!

Stay tuned for my next post. . .


Grace 💜

5 thoughts on “When Scent Makes Sense

  1. I really, really love the title ‘Twilight Woods’! It’s so beautiful!!
    Also, I’m writing a Retelling of Beauty and the Beast too! Mine isn’t modern day tho. 🙂
    I was wondering…since you’re such an awesome writer AND published, could you read/proofread my story Daughter of Kings? I’m HOPING to publish it in a year, and my mom, who is also a writer is so busy so it’s hard for her to help me. (I’d have to send u the google doc)
    If you can’t, or don’t want to, that’s okay!! I understand. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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