Does anyone else HATE, like absolutely LOATHE, drama?

Not like THE drama as in plays and musicals, but like the verb form when people just want attention so they create fights attempting to put the spotlight in their direction. . .

I wouldn’t say I’m a dramatic person, and Alyssa loves THE drama (noun form) but she doesn’t like drama (verb form).

I find drama exhausting. . .

When Glory was little, she constantly was creating drama with her friends.

They would be friends one day and mortal enemies the next. . . And, even though Glory isn’t the cause of the drama at her school now, she somehow is wrapped up in the middle of drama created by others.

I don’t like drama.

Right now, my only friends in Oregon are really my sisters and the people I see at church. . . My sisters can still make ANYTHING drama, but I can shut them out.

So, church is my only drama free world. . . Or, so I thought.

Guys, why do people have to have the spotlight on them? Why can’t we just share it and live a peaceful life? Why is that so important to others?

At church we have people who want to stir up trouble. They want to cause drama. They want to hurt others to create the illusion that they have more “power.”

I’m tired.

I don’t understand why they do this. . .

I don’t understand how they can be all in, and then suddenly be all out.

I base my judgment off of my parents’ judgement and counsel (for the most part). . . But, when I make my own decisions, I’ll consult God and a wise friend.

But now, my judgment just wants the drama to end. I’m 17, but I feel like an old woman whenever it comes to drama.

I know it sounds weird, but whenever some sort of drama comes along, I feel like the world is ending, as if I’m not going to make it through that drama before I die.

Anyway. . .

To sum up this post. . .

Please don’t be that dramatic person.

Its not attractive and it turns people away from you.

Just be you, and share the spotlight!

Stay tuned for my next post. . .


Grace πŸ’œ

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