Dream, Dream, Dream, DREAMMM

Hi guys.

I just want to update y’all on my personal life before I start this post.

So, I woke up with a headache this morning after feeling sick last night. I didn’t each much yesterday so that might be why. . . Today and tomorrow I’m not eating at ALL, so, please pray for my health!

Finals are over, though!

I’m happy about that! 😊

Okay, now back to my post. . .

So, I have learned that dreams can be affected by our personal lives.

(If you don’t dream at night, you should go to bed early, read your Bible right before you fall asleep, and pray for God to give you one. It WORKS!!!)

Okay, so before I went to bed last night, I was proofreading my friend’s novel with her. Her novel is about a Princess in captivity who becomes a slave for a foreign kingdom.

The beginning of my dream started with a slave girl (who was a wealthy daughter of the land, disguised as a slave) working in a courtyard-like area filled with piles of harvested hay.

Constantly in my friend’s novel, the slave girl was pitching hay into horse stalls.

(Okay, that’s all I’m going to say about her novel, because it isn’t published yet, but she has the first chapter available on her blog. 😊 When it does get published, I TOTALLY recommend it!)

Okay, so the dream goes on and this slave girl is working with the other slaves, trying to keep everyone’s spirits raised as they do the hard labor.

Then the slave girl’s double in lifeβ€”Dang, Alyssa just told me what that word is; what was it? Oh, I remember! Doppelganger.

So, the doppelganger has been sleeping with the Prince and somehow the slave girl is talked into sleeping with Prince instead of doppelganger for just one night.

Well. . .

The slave girl gets pregnant. And, she goes back to her normal life as a wealthy daughter after her father rescued her from her slave-life.

So. . .

When the family finds out that the daughter is pregnant, they become very protective of her. She is assigned a royal attendant (who was disgustingly ugly in my dreamπŸ™„), and a “body guard” in sense (who just happened to be the love of her life) to stay with her at all times.


NOT a book!

So, eventually she let’s it slip that the baby is the Prince’s child. And, he says, “Kill it,” in such a casual manner that my stomach twisted in my sleep.

Well, the daughter isn’t having any of that, so she constantly tries to runaway from home, but her body guard and attendant always stop her before she can actually get away.

Then, her father finally gets her on the table to have the abortion. (Her father and grandfather are doctors/surgeons, by the way.)

And, because this is a dream, it wasn’t graphic or anything.

He girl’s stomach was literally cut open and I could see a baby. That’s it, no blood, no guts.

But, when the father tries to takes the baby out, I literally watch him (the baby) turn yellow with weird, crusty bumps all over his skin.

It was dying in the stomach, but it was also killing the girl, so the father stopped the “abortion.”

Then, she wakes up (because they put her under) and she continues her daily escapes while the body guard keeps her from running away.

Eventually, the daughter and body guard confess their love for one another. . .

But. . .

Then the dream focuses on the father and grandfather. They’re outside at night discussing everything they discovered in the girl when they attempted the abortion.

The grandfather tells the father that he found Cancer in the daughter. Then he started listing off just about every Cancer imaginable. . . The father already knew that his daughter had Cancer.

(Okay, now flashback to my life. So, I don’t think about Cancer. I hate the very word since my mom was diagnose with Ampullary Cancer. But, last night, a woman who makes jewelry locally, made me, my sisters, and my mom matching Cancer ribbon necklaces! So, that’s how Cancer got into my dream.)

Then, the dream backs up a little bit so that I see the grandfather running outside in the dark, without the father present. He’s searching for a symbol on the stones lining the flower beds. Then, he finds the stone he’s looking for.

There on a stone has an image of a taco (Yes, the Mexican dish.) and the word “TACOS.”

So, apparently the body guard’s first name is Tacos, so the grandfather now knows about the daughter’s crush on her body guard.

(Okay, so you are not going to believe this, but at youth last night, we were playing Family Feud. One of the leaders kept lifting signs that said different things as if we were on a live TV show. So, the signs said applause, boo, dance, dab, spicy, and TACOS!!! Literally, Glory can vouch for me! So, that is how tacos entered my dream. πŸ€£πŸ™„πŸ˜)

Then my dream ended just like that!

So, after one night’s influence, I have three different aspects from my personal life that entered my dream unconsciously.

1. The slave girl from my friend’s novel.

2. Cancer from the Cancer ribbon necklace I recieved just last night.

3. Tacos from youth group!

I just thought this was SOOOO interesting how a person’s life can affect their dreams!!!

I also learned today that I ALWAYS dream in story plots. . . πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Maybe that’s where I get such crazy plotlines for my novels!

Anyway, I just wanted to share my dream with y’all!

Stay tuned for my next post. . .


Grace πŸ’œ

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