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The Maccabees NOT the Maccabeats

Hi y’all!

We are OFFICIALLY in the eight days of Hannukah!

If you don’t know what that is. . .

Hannukah, also known as “the Festival of Lights,” is a Hebrew feast that Jesus kept when he an adult and probably all of his life.

So, like WHY? WHAT’S so significant about Hannukah?

Well. . .

A LONG time ago, there was this ruler who wanted to quash any other gods that weren’t his pagan gods, which included a small territory known as Israel.

So, the ruler decided to defile the Israelites’ temple. (Which is like “no-no” in Hebrew culture.)

He then told the Israelites that they couldn’t continue their precious laws that set them apart from other nations, and forced them to practice pagan laws, such as sacrificing pigs to gods.

Well, that was working out for the ruler until he came upon a man who wouldn’t bow to the ruler’s words.


Mattathias became a “rebel” in a sense and began to rally all the people who followed the one true God with his five sons.

The sons of Mattathias became known has the Maccabees.

So, three years go by and the Maccabees restore the temple of Israel. And, they have a dedication service to God where they rekindle the lampstand in the temple the day they restored the temple.

But, they only had enough oil for one day. . . As legend has it.

But, because it would take time to remake the oil, they were in a panic; however, the oil miraculously lasted for all eight days until more could be made.

So. . .

During these eight days of Hannukah, each person in my family lights a candle each night. And, the person that lights the candle prays for a miracle for someone we know.

It has become a tradition we do every year since we moved to Oregon four years ago.

It’s a sweet tradition and probably my favorite part!

Happy Hannukah everyone!!!

Stay tuned for my next post. . .


Grace 💜


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