Hanukkah SURPRISE!

So, yesterday, I mentioned that we girls received a gift from our parents. . .

So, we opened up a good-sized box that was HEAVY to find. . .

Paint and canvases and bottles of clear stuff!

I know that doesn’t give you much to go on, so let me explain a bit better.

There’s a type of painting called “Acrylic Paint Pouring.”

What is that? And, why should y’all care?

Well, here’s the finished products. . .

So, you start off by painting a canvas of any size.

I did mine black, but my sisters did their’s white.

Then, you mix acrylic paint with a paint thinner so that the paint is nice an runny and so that it moves easily.

But, you have to get the proportions right, otherwise the painting will crack, like mine. ☹

I didn’t know what the exact measurements were, but I know that when you mix the paint with the paint thinner, it’s supposed to run like “warm honey.” Maybe that means something to you; I’ve never personally seen warn honey drip, so I was lost.

Anyway, so you make sure the paint mixture runs like “warm honey,” then you just start pouring the paint mixture all over the canvas.

You can blow on it to move the paint, you can marble it with a stick, you can tilt the painting itself so that the paint moves and convers the entire canvas. Whatever you want to do!

Then, if you want to get technical or just add cool patterns in your painting, you can add Silicon drops, which will make “cells” in your painting, but you have to premix those into each individual color before you pour the paint onto the canvas.

(That’s what made the bubble-looking holes in the rainbow and black painting, as well as the black,pink, red, and green painting and the metallic bubble painting.)

Mine, really didn’t work so well, but my mom’s did!

ANYWAY, we had fun! It was relaxing. . .

Mine are the purple and blue splattered paintings! 😊

I’ve had some intense anxiety recently, so this REALLY helped me out the past two days! I’d DEFINITELY recommend it!

Stay tuned for my next post. . .


Grace πŸ’œ

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