White Elephant

Thank y’all for all the love and support after my post from early this morning. I appreciate it GREATLY! 😍😍😍

I am doing well with swollen eyes but a new passion for God!!!

Anyway, I was trying to post this yesterday but I got carried away with other things. πŸ™„

So, we don’t celebrate Christmas as y’all know, but we celebrate Hanukkah which occurs around the same time as Christmas, but IT’S NOT A REPLACEMENT for CHRISTMAS!!!

My great-grandfather is my pen pal and he’s very dear to me. He sent money to my parents this year to make memories with us. . . He’s SUPER sweet!

So, the day before yesterday, we had a White Elephant gift exchange with a TWIST!

So, my mom bought all the gifts and had dares written out. Before we could pick out a wrapped gift, we had to complete a dare. . .

Ummm. . . Some of them were cruel. πŸ˜‚

I got two dares that I have pictures from. The first, I had to dress up in toilet paper and take a selfie. And, the second, I had to stick FLAMING HIT CHEETOS IN MY NOSE!!!

The cheetos BURNEDDDDD so BADDDD! But, it was worth it!

We had a fun time. . .

But, I did discover yesterday that Walmart didn’t pierce my ears evenly!!!

Look. . .

Okay, so in the right photo, you can see the decoration that connects the petals together. . . BUTTTT in the left photo, that little connecting piece is covered up by my EARRRR! Which means that either the earring is made wrong or my ear is defective!!!

I’m pretty sure it’s my ear!

So I returned those earrings and got some silver dragonfly earrings instead!

Anyway, the gifts weren’t bad like White Elephant gift exchanges are known to be. 😁

Everything I randomly chose was actually something I enjoyed or needed!

1. Lights to hang in my room!!!

2. A mini water fountain that Alyssa and I DREAMED of getting as kids!

3. My FAVORITE chocolate?!?!

4. TWO different sketch books made from canvas!!!

5. MOVIES because I always want new movies!!!

6. Purple earrings!

7. PURPLE FREAKING EYELINER! Yes, I’m going to wear it to church!!!

So, yeah. I thought I would describe what each picture was. . .

So, that was the booty that I claimed! My sisters ended up with a bunch of candy and makeup and hats and such, but I’m SOOO HAPPY with what I got!!!

I also just wanted to say that I FINALLY released my new novel written from the slave girl’s perspective (I’ve mentioned her and asked advice on its sequel)!

You can check it out on Amazon or head on over to My NOVELS page! I’ll link it there!

Again, thank you for all the comments and love after my “panic attack.” I appreciate it!

Stay tuned for my next post. . .


Grace πŸ’œ

20 thoughts on “White Elephant

  1. God gave everyone, man and woman a free will. I have been hurt by my own father, while my mother was nearly DYING in the hospital. He also hurts her. And yet I still believe in and have confidence in God. GOD IS GOD AND MY FATHER, but my father here on earth is just a man.

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      1. you’re fine! I just saw this WHOLE conversation! And, I just wanted to say that I agree with you and support your faith! Some people just don’t understand what “having faith in God” means. It doesn’t automatically make every wound heal. It doesn’t mean that He won’t allow bad things to happen. Having faith in God is trusting Him even when the Devil’s work is constantly fogging up our memories of God’s miraculous provision and help!


  2. β™‘ I AM Neither Jewish, Christian or any other Religion, I AM Simply, and Mostly Complexly, I AM; what Bothers Me Most about Religion is this Fanatic Focus on “God” the Divine Masculine, as Male Progenitors often Run Away from Parental Responsibilities leaving Many Single Mothers behind…both Jews and Christians acknowledge Lilith, the Divine Feminine, the Serpent in Eden who Gave Eve Knowledge and accused of Baby Eating who Actually Saves Children; given The Natural Urge of Goddess, Our Mother Nature, is to Nuture while “God” CHOOSES!!! to be Controlling and Warmongering do YOU!!! still Have Confidence in “God” EveryOne πŸ€” ?



    1. I believe in God, the Father Almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth. He gave me life. He is my Father, and YES I HAVE CONFIDENCE IN HIM.
      God does not abandon ANY of his children, unless they first abandon him.

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      1. β™‘ Fair enough, so let’s just Agree-To-Disagree; my Father, “God” Beat and Left Me while My Mother, “Goddess” looked on Helplessly until SHE!!! found, ReDiscovered HER!!! Strength…now “God”, My “Father” is Persona Non Grata; it’s Goddess who Carried Me for Nine Months then I Whipped HER!!! in to Shape while Sentencing “God” to Exile until HE!!! Gets in to HIS!!! Right Mind…so I Suggest The Book of Esther that doesn’t mention God and Ecclesiastes, The Wisdom of Solomon Before YOU!!! Say AnyThing Else


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      2. God gave everyone, man and woman a free will. I have been hurt by my own father, while my mother was nearly DYING in the hospital. He also hurts her. And yet I still believe in and have confidence in God. GOD IS GOD AND MY FATHER, but my father here on earth is just a man.

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      3. Hi Yernasia, I actually have studied the Book of Esther for MONTHS on end, taking the original Greek writing translations and dissecting them so that I could fully understand what happened. . . While the Book doesn’t LITERALLY say the word “God,” you can see God’s work or the “Hebrew” traditions all throughout the book. Yes, we know Esther or Hadassah was a Jew. And, during that time period, Jews still practiced the Hebrew faith, including following God; just because the writer didn’t mention God doesn’t mean He wasn’t there! And, Ecclesiastes does indeed mention “God,” if that’s what you’re stuck on. (Ecclesiastes 2:24-26, 3:10-21, 5:1-7, 5:18-20) I’m no scholar, but just because a book of the Bible doesn’t say something doesn’t mean it should be dismissed from accuracy. If one were to use that logic, they could use the same argument against anything! “Just because my history textbook doesn’t mention how my great-grandmother worked for Colonel Sanders doesn’t mean you should dismiss the fact that my great-grandmother did INDEED work for him.” We can agree to disagree as you did with my friend, Arein, but the logic your presented shows flaws. If there is something I’m missing to your argument, please show me what I’m missing.

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      4. β™‘ I AM “Flawed” and have NOTHING!!! Further to Add; therefore I Wish YOU!!! Welll



      5. Thank you, Yernasia. I wish you well too, but I wasn’t the one who started this “war” on my blog. I only wanted to share with others how I viewed my panic attack as something God orchastrated so that I would search Him out. We have gotten WAY off topic, and we are both entitled to our own opinions. And only when Heaven and Earth pass will we know the truth of our beliefs.

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    2. Ummm. . . The serpent was actually Lucifer or the DEVIL, not Lilith. (Revelation 12:9, Revelation 20:2 both describe Satan as a serpent. I have NEVER heard of Lilith.) And, Mother Nature isn’t a person. It’s the concept people use to refer to nature in general.
      God doesn’t choose to be controlling. He gives us the choice to follow Him. You aren’t being forced to be bash God right now. It’s you’re choice, otherwise, with your logic, God would be controlling you right now to demote Himself. And, why would God allow humans to bash Him when he could just control them Himself?

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      1. β™‘ Fair enough, here’s My Rationale…it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that Men Wrote Most of The Bible as it is now and The Dead Sea Scrolls Reveal that The Gospels of Mary Magdalena and The 12 Female Disciples of Jesus exist; if God doesn’t have a Wife, Goddess, it seems kinda weird that We Get married…ergo God Kicked HIS!!! Wife, Lucifer The Bringer of Light out of Heaven for HER!!! DisObedience in Sharing Apples of Knowledge with Eve and Adam; then, as Lilith (Adams First Wife), SHE!!! Created Hell on Earth as Satan, Lucifer The Bringer of Light like ALL Smart Ladies and SHE!!! Saved Kids so, as YOU!!! KNOW!!! NOTHING!!! about Lilith, I AM Very Respectfully Suggesting YOU!!! Research with The Same Passion and Ardent Bible Study YOU!!! ARE Currently Engaged because maybe “Revelations” May Flow To YOU!!!



      2. β™‘ If YOU!!! have exes YOU!!! know partners lie; females tend to be better liars but Lilith SHE!!! is Truthful; these days I Don’t Deal in “sources” I Trust to Vibration



      3. I just don’t understand how you can claim that this Lilth saves kids and God doesn’t. How is it that you can believe in something that has no research to back it up? But, God is unexplainable too; however, He has many sources that speak about Him and the wonders he performs. And, the whole thing about men marrying women. . . Well, some people seem to think that God is our husband and we are His bride. But, Paul in the NT writes about celibacy and how it’s good too. Honestly, that is up to each person to chose whether or not they want to get married. Bothe choices can be blessed.

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      4. β™‘ SEE (Soulful Emotional Energy) Above; then Respectfully Reject or Accept



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