Oregon, Day 4: Scamalot

Guys, y’all should know what happened to me today after looking at the title of my post. . . Today has been FRUSTRATING to say the least! So. . . Basically, my earbuds shorted again for like the THOUSANDTH time! And, I decided that I was going to upgrade my $10 Apple earbuds and getContinue reading “Oregon, Day 4: Scamalot”

Oregon, Day 3: Waterfall Adventure

Today, we went to Tumalo Falls!!! The walk there was soooo BEAUTIFUL, but soooo LONG. (7 MILES IN TOTAL!) My dad accidentally led our friends’ parents to believe that this was a 25 minute walk. . . We were gone for 3 HOURS! And, poor ZACH!!! He only got about a hundred yards in theContinue reading “Oregon, Day 3: Waterfall Adventure”

Oregon, Day 2: SponTUNEous

Hi y’all! So, today we just chilled for the most part. . . But, we played this game called SponTUNEous! So, it’s kind of like a verbal form of charades. You start off by naming a word. Let’s use “eye” for an example. So, I would say “eye” and everyone else had 15 seconds toContinue reading “Oregon, Day 2: SponTUNEous”

Oregon, Day 1: Snow Park

So, today was the first day I got to spend with my family that flew here all the way from Texas just to visit us!!! We had a BLAST! We had a snowball fight, went sledding, took a slight tour of the forest, and visited with friends while eating good food! It’s hard, though, becauseContinue reading “Oregon, Day 1: Snow Park”

Good Grief!!!

Oh, no! What have I done?! So. . . I don’t know what I did or how it happened, but. . . So, hypothetically, if some guy liked you, but you don’t like him like THAT, what would you do??? Because, I showed up to church today and this kid kept hugging me! And, heContinue reading “Good Grief!!!”

My Purge. . .

Hey guys! I know I’ve been radio silent for the past two days; y’all know that isn’t usual for me. 😋😏 But there was a reason for my pause in posts. . . You see, I thought it would be an interesting challenge to fast from not only food, but also from technology for twoContinue reading “My Purge. . .”


Today marks the beginning of our “re-lockdown” for Oregon. . . Yep. Hooray. 🙄 So, Monday, my sisters and I went ice skating because it was our only chance to do so before the lockdown began again. . . Ummm. . . I don’t really like ice skating, and before now, I had an excuseContinue reading “LOCKDOWN”

Living in the Past

So, most people don’t know this about me. In fact, no one other than my parents and sisters know this. . . Remember when I mention our trip to Texas? So, that is happening in January and we’re in November at the moment, and I have packed my suit case already! Yeah, last year, IContinue reading “Living in the Past”


GUYS! Okay, so last night my sister begged my parents to allow me to borrow their car to go to the little grocery store near our house. She wanted me to get some Kombucha for her. If you don’t know what Kombucha is because you don’t live in the Northern United States, it’s fermented teaContinue reading “PUSH, DON’T TWIST!”

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