My Makeup Fast

GUYS!!! Did y’all know that the song is “Sweet Caroline?!” NOT SWEET CAROLINA!!! I feel like I’ve been deceived my entire life! Ughhhh. Anyway, on another note, I have decided to quit wearing makeup everyday and to only use some mascara when I go to church but no other exceptions. You may be wondering whyContinue reading “My Makeup Fast”

My Inner Princess

Thank y’all for all your comments!!! They have been so encouraging, especially since I’m a relatively new blogger! I’m sure y’all are wondering why my website is named, The Life of a Teenage Princess. I mean, I’m obviously not a descendant of the Queen of England or anything like that. I call myself a PrincessContinue reading “My Inner Princess”

How Foreshadowing Killed Me

Well, yesterday I bought a new Betta in case you were wondering. . . You probably weren’t, but here is a picture of him anyway! The picture doesn’t do him justice. . . He’s BEAUTIFUL! Anyway, is it cool if I don’t make my blog sound all professional? I know that is exactly what aContinue reading “How Foreshadowing Killed Me”

The Worst Day Ever! RIP

That phrase is so over used in our society today, but I’m going to use it anyway to describe the day I had today. . . First off, I should explain a few key things about myself. I love the ocean! I love fish! I love the water! I love the whole concept of goingContinue reading “The Worst Day Ever! RIP”

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