The Life of a Teenage Princess

My name is Grace and I am so excited to share my life, my stories, and my adventures with you!

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Does anyone else HATE, like absolutely LOATHE, drama? Not like THE drama as in plays and musicals, but like the verb form when people just want attention so they create fights attempting to put the spotlight in their direction. . . I wouldn’t say I’m a dramatic person, and Alyssa loves THE drama (noun form)Continue reading “Dramafest”

When Scent Makes Sense

Hi y’all! So, like three weeks ago, I received the author’s copies for my novels!!! Anyway, so I need to go through and edit them AGAIN, because a writer’s work is never done. . . 😁 And, so I decided to highlight all of my mistakes so that I could easily find them later. But,Continue reading “When Scent Makes Sense”

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