Dinner Disaster!

So, as promised, I will tell the tale of Monday night’s lasagna dinner disaster. . .

When I say disaster, I don’t mean that the food was bad; it was actually REALLY good!

Disaster is how I’m referring to the way we MADE the lasagna.

Oh, gosh! I can’t believe I’m telling y’all about this. . .

Here goes nothing!

Okay, so let me start off by saying that we had about 3 different attitudes throughout the process of making this meal. . .

The first, sheer denial.

The second, acceptance.

The third, delirium.

Now, I’ll explain.

So, no one likes to cook, except for Glory. She’s the chef in our family so she was okay with getting stuck cooking with me and Alyssa. Alyssa and I had such a bad attitude about it; we just showed up to get our participation points and then leave. . .


Denial that we were even going to cook.

Our first task was to wash off the Tofu. (Did I mention we were making Vegan Tofu Lasagna?) Anyway, its juice splashed all over me and disgusted the living daylights out of me. So, I went to change, and when I came back, Glory and Alyssa were stacking books on top of the Tofu to flatten it I guess. . .

But, ten books weren’t “heavy” enough, so Alyssa volunteered to SIT on the Tofu. . .

Yep. This is my life.

You may think that I’m making this up, but this LITERALLY happens all the time in my life!

At this point, a half hour had gone by. . .

And, acceptance had sunk in.

I just wanted to prep the meal and get it in the oven because I was so exhausted from my new work out. So, I was volunteering to do anything to keep the process moving forward.

And, this is the part of the night where I found out what the chain of command was. . .

Alyssa was going to just sit and supervise, videoing us (me) making idiots of ourselves.

Glory was going to shout out orders for me to do, without getting her hands dirty.

And, I was going to do all the prep and cooking because I wanted to fall back into the coma they had woken me up from to come help them cook. . .

After the chain of command was fully out in the open, Alyssa started videoing me making a fool out of myself as I tried to cook when I haven’t cooked anything so complicated as Vegan lasagna before.

That’s when the delirium set in. . .

We just started to be clumsy, stubbing toes, hitting funny bones, not to mention Alyssa’s terrible puns!

We literally spent the next hour laughing at the most simplistic things!!!

This is when I told Alyssa about my experience doing a plank for the first time. Ugh! That horrid plank!

Anyway, you should know that we weren’t being quiet AT ALL. . .

But our parents were sleeping, or at least trying to sleep through all of this.

Afterwards, my mom told us that she thinks we bonded over making that meal more than we ever have doing anything else!

Maybe it wasn’t such a disaster afterall. . .

This was the end result! Glory wrote FAIL out of extra lasagna noodles on the top πŸ™„

Stay tuned for my next post. . .


Grace πŸ’œ

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What Just Happened???

So, I woke this morning like any other morning although I did wake up a little late, but that’s beside the point. . .

So, I woke up and found a new comment on my blog!

But not just any comment!!!

This comment linked me to another blogger’s post where she was nominated for an award called the “Black Cat Blue Sea Award,” and she nominated me for the award, which I gladly accept! I am SUPER excited and thankful for being nominated by thegirlwhospeaks!

So, as I understand it, this an award for bloggers who post about things that everybody can enjoy! They don’t just limit themselves to one particular subject. . . And, they don’t necessarily need a TON of subscribers to influence the world!

And, if you’ve ever read just a few of my posts, you know that I cover a variety of subjects. 😊

So, there are some rules:

Her (thegirlwhospeaks) Questions:

  1. Which book have you read most recently and how did you find it? The last book I read was Ella Enchanted because I love the whole Cinderella vibe it gives me and yet it’s a completely different story with ogres and fairies and elves, etc. And, I have a thing for Princess storiesβ€”as y’all all knowβ€”so I’ve had the book for FOREVER!
  2. What is something you’ve tried your hand at during the lockdown? Oh, that’s a tough one! I actually have a full-size Acoustic guitar that I haven’t played once in the SIX years I’ve had it up until lockdown, but I’ve been learning how to play Mad at Disney on it recently!
  3. Which movie is your current favorite? Okay, this one is a no-brainer! I absolutely, positively LOVE the Live Action Lion King. I know that other people think it’s lame, but that movie was my childhood! I have seen the WHOLE Triology, plus the Live Action version! Oh, how I love the Lion King! πŸ˜‚

My Questions:

  1. If you could choose anywhere to go (with no expense in mind) to have the perfect day, where would you go, and what would you do?
  2. What literary character from The Princess Bride would most likely reflect your personality?
  3. What is one thing you have discovered about yourself during Quarantine?

People Who I Am Nominating:

  1. Arein
  2. Cindy
  3. Riverside Peace
  4. Jojo_ayeni
  5. da-Al
  6. Bookstooge
  7. Stu

Feel free to totally decline the nominee if you don’t want it!

Stay tuned for my next post. . .


Grace πŸ’œ

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Demon Possessed. . .

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in several days. I’ve been going hard core on my exercise workouts lately. Today and yesterday I was on our elliptical for over 3 HOURS, but don’t tell my mom because she’ll think I’m obsessed or something. . .

Which I’m not. I just love the feeling exercise gives me.

Anyway, you’ve clicked on my post because of its title.

And, now you expect some AWESOME story of how I was delivered of demonic oppression. . .


Now, I’ve been upping my workouts’ intensity, hence the 3 hours, but I also added a few foreign stretches or exercises or whatever you call them. . .

One of those “stretches” was a plank.

Have you ever done a plank before?

I hadn’t done one since the seventh grade and let me tell you. . .


I saw this video where this girl showed her before and after pictures when she did 30 second planks for three weeks. So, I stupidly decided to try it.

That first plank. . . Oh my gosh!

I literally was on the floor convulsing from the way my abs were being pulled and strained!

I now know how it feels when a demon leaves your body. . .


It was so scary too! Like I thought I was DYING!

Guys!!! This was just a PLANK!

Like literally the only thing you do is hold the pushup position (but you rest on your elbows and forearms not your hands) for 30 FREAKING SECONDS!

I literally took a ten minute break just to recover from that ONE plank!

I need to workout more often. . .

Anyway, that has been occupying my time for the last few days. . .

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you about how us three sisters made dinner for our parents Monday night. . .

Let me put this gently. . . It was a DISASTER!

Stay tuned for my next post. . .


Grace πŸ’œ

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Moving? Nahhh

Today, my parents were talking about our travel plans for our trip to Texas in January. . .

If you haven’t figured that out by now. . . I moved to Oregon from Texas four years ago.

Anyway, I’ve always longed to be back home in Texas.

I love the heat and sunburns.

I love the people.

I love the water. 😊 (The water is brown just so you know.)

I’ve always planned on moving back after High School, but now. . .

As they were talking about our trip, I didn’t feel that connection to that place anymore.

I mean, I love Houston and our little town, but I don’t long to be there.

I’m content with my life in Oregon.

I love the forests.

I love my new church and family and college.

I love the blue water and hikes.

But, most of all, my parents are in Oregon, and I’ve learned that I don’t want to move away from them especially since my mom’s weight loss is so concerning for her health.

Here’s her before and after pictures. . .


But, if you ask my parents, they still think I want to go back to Texas, maybe date my best friend that lives there, and start my life there. . .

Now, I’m not so sure.

Maybe, just maybe, I’m supposed to live here in Oregon for a reason.

I think this is my new home. 😁

Stay tuned for my next post. . .


Grace πŸ’œ

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A Reason to LIVE

So, yesterday I did the most extraordinary thing!

I actually WROTE. A. LETTER.

You may hold your applause until the end. . . 😊

Okay, so, this may come as a shock to y’all, but I’ve actually been writing letters for eight years now.

I know, right?! Since when do any of the Gen Z’s EVER write hand written letters?

Well, I do!

I have a great-grandfather who lives in Missouri, and after a family reunion in June of 2012, I’ve been writing letters to him.

He’s like my pen pal, although when I get caught up in life, I tend to forget to write to him, but it’s NEVER on purpose!!!

Sometimes, life just distracts me from what is most important. . .

Anyway, this man knows literally ALL of my secrets.

He knows all of my seventh-grade crushes.

He knows all of my insecurities, all of my life events, all of my fears.

And, this man is about to be 93, so he probably doesn’t need to or want to know that I LOVE One Direction, and silly girl stuff like that. 😊

But, everyone tells me that he adores me. And, I love him!

In seven years of writing to him, I only received three cards from him because it’s so difficult for him to write at his age, but in the last year, he has written me SOOOO MANY letters!

My grandma tells me that I gave him a reason to live; if I die right now, and his life is the only life I’ve impacted, it’ll be worth it.

I love you, Papaw!

Stay tuned for my next post. . .


Grace πŸ’œ

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Deciding Which One is My Favorite

So, I officially released Warriors With Personality on Amazon yesterday. I’ve also updated My Novels page so that you can go right to my book!

I hope you enjoy Brooke’s story!

Anyway, I was thinking about my novels, and trying to decide which one is my favorite. . .

So, I LOVE Twilight Woods! It’s probably the only one I’ve read on my own time just for fun! I mean, it might be because it’s VERY romantic compared to my others, but I just love the couple I created, Briar and Aarrow.

But, Locked in My Tower was inspired by the Garcia trial that occurred last fall. I wrote the novel with similar characteristics, such as the ‘mom’ almost starving her daughter to death; however, Maliyha, died in real life due to her “mom’s” neglect or whatever you want to call it. . . I dedicated my novel in Maliyha’s memory because I actually attended most of the trial hearings to understand how the five-year-old girl died.

(Side note. . . My mom literally talked to the reporter at the trial who wrote and updated this article.)

Then, I wrote Choosing Life. Now that one was actually inspired by a passage I read in my Bible. I believe it wasβ€”Hold on a sec, I need to go check my notes in my Bible. . .

Okay, I’m back.

Guys, I literally turned RIGHT TO IT in my Bible. . .

Guys, so this is why you are allowed to write in your Bible for moments like this.

So, basically I became obsessed with understanding how leprosy is spread and how it affects people. . .

Okay, then I have Changing Mindsets. Just so y’all know, I wrote this one at a really low point in life, so that’s why it’s kind of depressing. I had SO MANY mood swings during this novel because COVID had just become a thing in the United so we were Quarantined.

And, all of my novels have parts of me in them, especially the Out of Ashes series. Like, the whole Vegan scene was something that really happened when my aunt ate seaweed. Or, how Harmony orders a half Dr. Pepper-half Root Beer drink from McDonalds; that’s my FAVORITE drink!

Now, take Twilight Woods for example. That book was literally my Senior year of High School. My history teacher was OBSESSED with Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton, so we literally listened to the Cabinet Battles in our government class! Then there was the who Chick-fil-A grand opening scene; that literally happened in Bend! It was all my family talked about for MONTHS, years even. And of course, the Krav Maga techniques. I literally took a self defense/Krav Maga class as a PE credit for school!

My personality, my life, my soul is in every book I write, so if you ever want to get to know me, just read the stories I right.

I literally challenged my little sister to a scavenger hunt through all of my novels to answer three questions:

What is my favorite color?

What is my biggest fear?

What is my favorite movie?

(Then I gave her a bonus question; what is my dream date?)

Comment down below if you think you know the answers!

Anyway, I couldn’t decide because they are all about me!

Stay tuned for my next post. . .


Grace πŸ’œ

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An Average Day

So, I’ve just been chilling, doing school, running errands, driving like a maniac. . .

By now, y’all must know that I draw/paint during my online college classes. I’m not going to hide it, or be ashamed of my habits because it helps me focus.

Two weeks ago, I painted the blue bird during class.

Last week, I painted my wolf during class.

Today, I painted this. . .

It’s supposed to be the cover art for Warriors With Personality. . .

Does it look like the same girl?

That was what I was going for.

On the left, it is supposed to show Brooke as she’s running from the law, laying low, and having no confidence in herself.

On the right, it is supposed to show Brooke after she becomes a Princess and a warrior and how she finds happiness in her new life.

My sisters and mom are the only other people who have seen this, so I hope you guys enjoy it!

Let me know what else I should draw one day!

Stay tuned for my next post. . .


Grace πŸ’œ

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To My Beloved Pets. . .

Y’all seem to like all of my animal posts about my pets, so I thought I would show off all of the pets I’ve had since I moved to Oregon. . .

Piper! We actually had to find Piper a new home after he kept killing rabbits and shrews around our house. . . But he’s now living on a HUGE farm where he can be the natural born predator he was created to be!

Si! His full name is Silas Nicolas (after the one boy who came to my 12th birthday party) Robertson (after Si Robertson from Duck Dynasty) Higgins! I’ve had him for 5 1/2 years and when we moved to Oregon, my grandma took care of him until we could come back to pick him up. He moved from Texas to Oregon and now enjoys living in my room to avoid the snow!

Kade! I bought Kade and Peter (may he rest in peace) the day after we had to get rid of Piper. Because I had grown so attached to Piper, giving him away was difficult for me, and my parents wanted to help me cope. He is a Black Orchid Betta, but he has GORGEOUS turquoise stripes in his tail that my picture couldn’t quite capture.

Ember! He is my newest addition, and beloved part of my family, which means pretty much just me. He was Peter’s “replacement” or my “rePete” as my dad says, but I love him just as much as all of my pets! Ember is a red Deta Tail Betta but he has baby blue dots lining his sides that make me think of the fourth of July!

Animals have always been apart of my life, so when one dies, even if it’s a fish, I feel awful. I feel as if I murdered something so beautiful and delicate and it really gets to me.

I don’t like death, so when I know that I am the cause for something’s death, I feel as if I’ve sinned and harmed something so innocent, something that didn’t deserve to die. . .

Anyway, my pets mean the world to me as I’m sure they do to most of y’all!

Stay tuned for my next post. . .


Grace πŸ’œ

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Combat Disaster


So, I bought the same combat boots as my thirteen-year-old sister, Glory, and she is IRATE!

I mean, is this supposed to be normal?!

I get that she doesn’t want to have the same boots as her big sister, but really???

She INSISTED that our parents force me to get a different color. And, we have the same size feet so we literally are going to have the same shoes, and she is mad about it. . .

I even tried to get a different color, but the only other options were white or this disgusting pattern that looks like a snake’s skin. Needless to say, I got the black ones I intended on getting, instead of pleasing my sister.

And, somehow I’m the bad guy because I happened to like the same shoe as my little sister.

So, that’s my life. . .

If any guys are reading this and didn’t have sisters growing up, this happens on a daily basis when there are three daughters in the same family.

Here, let me describe my place in the family.

I am the sister that has a writing fetish who keeps to herself and doesn’t talk a lot. So, when I do speak, everyone listens. But there’s a downside to this because sometimes, actually frequently when I speak, everyone talks over me, so I never get to say what I want to say. And, that’s frustrating. . .

So, that’s me.

Now, Alyssa is a social butterfly, and seems to resent the fact that we’re so close in age, and that I “stole” her class because I joined her class after I got a grade ahead. She LOVES to talk and sing, but she also has that “false humility” aspect to her that forbids her from taking credit for her talent and abilities. She’s sweet to me, though. And, she will always listen to me when we are one-on-one.

Then, there’s Glory.

Glory and I have become close over the last month and a half because we go to youth group together every week. We swap stories, and share our art with each other. I write novels and she gives me commentary on them. But, we fight like cats and dogs every day of the week.

Alyssa and I are definitely more close than me and Glory, but I think I’m mending our relationship.

I’m trying, and I think I have a normal, decent relationship with my sisters.

So, this is my life!

Stay tuned for my next post. . .


Grace πŸ’œ

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The Battle of a Survivor!

So, a few posts ago I mentioned how my parents don’t look their age. . .

For my dad, his reasoning is simple. He can shave his beard and look like he’s in his twenties again.

For my mom, it’s much more complicated. . .

You might want to sit down for this post, because it’s going to be long. . .

So, to start from the beginning, last year after Alyssa and I were a month into our Senior year, my mom went to the hospital with acute pancreatitis for five days.

She was cleared and everything went back to normal. . .

But, after COVID came around in the US and all of us kids were at home doing online school, my mom had another attack.

She went to the hospital in Portland after our local hospital told her that she need higher professionals looking at her.

So, she goes to Portland, they run some tests and rule out Cancer, which was a relief to us since our family has had pancreatic issues and family members that died from Cancer.

The day before my birthday rolls around, and my mom is still in the hospital and I’m sick of looking at the updating texts my dad sends out.

(By the way, at this point, hospitals were allowing no visitors due to COVID, so my mom was going through all these tests alone.)

So, it’s the day before my birthday, and I see my dad walk into the house with swollen eyes. He never cries in front of us. NEVER.

So, I know something is up.

Then, he gathers us three girls, and lays out the bad news. . .

Mom has cancer.

And, not just any cancer, but Ampullary cancer, which is so rare that they use pancreatic treatment for it because there’s little research done on Ampullary cancer.

We were devastated.

My mom was and is my rock in rough times, so I was a wreck that day.

And, knowing that she wouldn’t be there on my birthday was just a speck in my eye compared to the log in hers.

But, she survived the surgery and completely changed her diet, and now she’s tired but happy. She refused chemo and has taken a more natural approach to treatment. . .

Here’s the link to her blog if you want to know all the details and check up on her as she battles her new life as a survivor.


I’m just thankful she is alive and well, living with us at home.

And, THAT is why she looks younger than she really is, because she has lost so much weight over the last five months. . .

I was debating on making this post because I always cry when I relive the memory of finding out that I could lose my mom.

Thank you, God, for saving her!

Stay tuned for my next post. . .


Grace πŸ’œ

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