Oregon, Day 3: Waterfall Adventure

Today, we went to Tumalo Falls!!! The walk there was soooo BEAUTIFUL, but soooo LONG. (7 MILES IN TOTAL!) My dad accidentally led our friends’ parents to believe that this was a 25 minute walk. . . We were gone for 3 HOURS! And, poor ZACH!!! He only got about a hundred yards in theContinue reading “Oregon, Day 3: Waterfall Adventure”

Deciding Which One is My Favorite

So, I officially released Warriors With Personality on Amazon yesterday. I’ve also updated My Novels page so that you can go right to my book! I hope you enjoy Brooke’s story! Anyway, I was thinking about my novels, and trying to decide which one is my favorite. . . So, I LOVE Twilight Woods! It’sContinue reading “Deciding Which One is My Favorite”

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