Hey guys! It has been A WHILE to say the least. Between balancing a job, a college workload, family life, writing novels, and physical health, I have been too busy to realize that I have been depriving myself of the one thing that kept me together through my struggle with mental health. . . Peace.Continue reading “PEACE.”

The Real HOUSEWIVES of Oregon!

Hi y’all! So, yesterday my sisters and I went into town with my mom, and we literally spent the ENTIRE day in town, which was fun!!! But, while we were driving around, running errands, I started telling them about all of the “stuff” I’ve committed to in the past few months. . . I amContinue reading “The Real HOUSEWIVES of Oregon!”

Plans of a Preteen

Hey y’all! I’m now back to my normal cheerful, self again! Typically I just have one “blahhh” day of the week or month, so now you’ve experienced the feelings I push too down inside for others to find. . . Yesterday got me thinking about my future and past and how the plans I madeContinue reading “Plans of a Preteen”

Prayer For a Teenager

Guys. . . One of my closest friends in this ENTIRE world has to get knee surgery within the week! Please, PLEASE be praying for him! He’s closer to me than my brother is, and it would mean so much to me to know that he has prayers across the United States and the world!Continue reading “Prayer For a Teenager”

Moving? Nahhh

Today, my parents were talking about our travel plans for our trip to Texas in January. . . If you haven’t figured that out by now. . . I moved to Oregon from Texas four years ago. Anyway, I’ve always longed to be back home in Texas. I love the heat and sunburns. I loveContinue reading “Moving? Nahhh”

An Average Day

So, I’ve just been chilling, doing school, running errands, driving like a maniac. . . By now, y’all must know that I draw/paint during my online college classes. I’m not going to hide it, or be ashamed of my habits because it helps me focus. Two weeks ago, I painted the blue bird during class.Continue reading “An Average Day”

How Foreshadowing Killed Me

Well, yesterday I bought a new Betta in case you were wondering. . . You probably weren’t, but here is a picture of him anyway! The picture doesn’t do him justice. . . He’s BEAUTIFUL! Anyway, is it cool if I don’t make my blog sound all professional? I know that is exactly what aContinue reading “How Foreshadowing Killed Me”

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