Plans of a Preteen

Hey y’all! I’m now back to my normal cheerful, self again! Typically I just have one “blahhh” day of the week or month, so now you’ve experienced the feelings I push too down inside for others to find. . . Yesterday got me thinking about my future and past and how the plans I madeContinue reading “Plans of a Preteen”

Winter Wonderland

So today is our OFFICIAL first snow! I mean, it snowed yesterday, but I was home all day and didn’t get to experience the snow in town, so it doesn’t count. 😊 It’s so BEAUTIFUL and perfect as if it’s right out of a fairytale. . . I love snow so much with its delicateContinue reading “Winter Wonderland”

Moving? Nahhh

Today, my parents were talking about our travel plans for our trip to Texas in January. . . If you haven’t figured that out by now. . . I moved to Oregon from Texas four years ago. Anyway, I’ve always longed to be back home in Texas. I love the heat and sunburns. I loveContinue reading “Moving? Nahhh”

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