How Disney Got it Wrong!

So, I found this post in my drafts 🤣. I thought it was worth posting! . . .Okay, is it just me or are there other people out there that watched Disney’s Pocahontas and screamed at the TV when she fell in love with John Smith?! Because YOU KNOW that history says she married aContinue reading “How Disney Got it Wrong!”

Oregon, Day 2: SponTUNEous

Hi y’all! So, today we just chilled for the most part. . . But, we played this game called SponTUNEous! So, it’s kind of like a verbal form of charades. You start off by naming a word. Let’s use “eye” for an example. So, I would say “eye” and everyone else had 15 seconds toContinue reading “Oregon, Day 2: SponTUNEous”

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