Oregon, Day 5: TURKEY day

Happy Thanksgiving y’all! I hope your day has been AMAZING! Because of our faith, we don’t celebrate holidays since most of them have pagan roots. But. . . Thanksgiving is one of the few holidays we do celebrate!!! I just LOVE food! It’s kind of what I live for. 😂 And, to all the guysContinue reading “Oregon, Day 5: TURKEY day”

My Purge. . .

Hey guys! I know I’ve been radio silent for the past two days; y’all know that isn’t usual for me. 😋😏 But there was a reason for my pause in posts. . . You see, I thought it would be an interesting challenge to fast from not only food, but also from technology for twoContinue reading “My Purge. . .”

G’day Mate

So, y’all probably don’t know this, but I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Australia and New Zealand; it’s been my dream vacation for the past couple of years. . . I think it became my dream vacay after I found out that the two lead singers of my favorite band are originally from Australia,Continue reading “G’day Mate”

Before I Kick the Bucket

So, today I was able to FINALLY check off another box on my bucket list. And, I bet you’re wondering why I’ve made a bucket list at the age of seventeen. Well, I guess I’ve watched too many movies where the best friend desperately helps the main character complete their bucket list before they dieContinue reading “Before I Kick the Bucket”

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