An Average Day

So, I’ve just been chilling, doing school, running errands, driving like a maniac. . . By now, y’all must know that I draw/paint during my online college classes. I’m not going to hide it, or be ashamed of my habits because it helps me focus. Two weeks ago, I painted the blue bird during class.Continue reading “An Average Day”

Warriors With Personality

Thank y’all for all the likes! Here’s part 2!!! So, Brooke is jumped as she returns to the forest she’s in. . . Her capturer wrestles her to the ground and pins her down until she quits struggling. Then he binds her hands and sits her down. She at first refuses to speak to theContinue reading “Warriors With Personality”

The Tale of a Future Princess

Remember how I threw in an image of a “Princess” in one of my earlier posts? Well, here’s a recap of her story, but the recap is long, so you might want to sit down. The Princess’s name is Brooke. She is the heroine in a series I am writing; so that I give credit,Continue reading “The Tale of a Future Princess”

My Inner Princess

Thank y’all for all your comments!!! They have been so encouraging, especially since I’m a relatively new blogger! I’m sure y’all are wondering why my website is named, The Life of a Teenage Princess. I mean, I’m obviously not a descendant of the Queen of England or anything like that. I call myself a PrincessContinue reading “My Inner Princess”

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