Hey guys! It has been A WHILE to say the least. Between balancing a job, a college workload, family life, writing novels, and physical health, I have been too busy to realize that I have been depriving myself of the one thing that kept me together through my struggle with mental health. . . Peace.Continue reading “PEACE.”

Silly Songs with. . .

Okay, guys. . . This is silly problems with Grace, the part of the blog where Grace comes out and explains a silly problem. . . (I know you heard Archibald’s voice, don’t deny it! 😋😏) Anyway, I’ve been writing down all of my blogs in a journal so that I can give it toContinue reading “Silly Songs with. . .”

The Battle of a Survivor!

So, a few posts ago I mentioned how my parents don’t look their age. . . For my dad, his reasoning is simple. He can shave his beard and look like he’s in his twenties again. For my mom, it’s much more complicated. . . You might want to sit down for this post, becauseContinue reading “The Battle of a Survivor!”

How Foreshadowing Killed Me

Well, yesterday I bought a new Betta in case you were wondering. . . You probably weren’t, but here is a picture of him anyway! The picture doesn’t do him justice. . . He’s BEAUTIFUL! Anyway, is it cool if I don’t make my blog sound all professional? I know that is exactly what aContinue reading “How Foreshadowing Killed Me”

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