Oregon, Day 6: Glow and Snow

Hi y’all! Last night we made glow in the dark BODIES! I was so tired by that point so they didn’t make it in my last post, but I wanted to show y’all anyway! Here’s a few of us. . . Yeah. We had fun! And, we even played a live game Among Us!!! GloryContinue reading “Oregon, Day 6: Glow and Snow”

Oregon, Day 5: TURKEY day

Happy Thanksgiving y’all! I hope your day has been AMAZING! Because of our faith, we don’t celebrate holidays since most of them have pagan roots. But. . . Thanksgiving is one of the few holidays we do celebrate!!! I just LOVE food! It’s kind of what I live for. 😂 And, to all the guysContinue reading “Oregon, Day 5: TURKEY day”

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