An Average Day

So, I’ve just been chilling, doing school, running errands, driving like a maniac. . . By now, y’all must know that I draw/paint during my online college classes. I’m not going to hide it, or be ashamed of my habits because it helps me focus. Two weeks ago, I painted the blue bird during class.Continue reading “An Average Day”

A Howling Secret!

Soooooo. . . By now, you know that I love the ocean and fish and being around water. But, I have this secret love for something else that not many people know about. They typically just don’t ask, so it’s typically dismissed from people’s thoughts about me. You probably know what I’m going to say,Continue reading “A Howling Secret!”

My Makeup Fast

GUYS!!! Did y’all know that the song is “Sweet Caroline?!” NOT SWEET CAROLINA!!! I feel like I’ve been deceived my entire life! Ughhhh. Anyway, on another note, I have decided to quit wearing makeup everyday and to only use some mascara when I go to church but no other exceptions. You may be wondering whyContinue reading “My Makeup Fast”

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