My Purge. . .

Hey guys! I know I’ve been radio silent for the past two days; y’all know that isn’t usual for me. 😋😏 But there was a reason for my pause in posts. . . You see, I thought it would be an interesting challenge to fast from not only food, but also from technology for twoContinue reading “My Purge. . .”

Demon Possessed. . .

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in several days. I’ve been going hard core on my exercise workouts lately. Today and yesterday I was on our elliptical for over 3 HOURS, but don’t tell my mom because she’ll think I’m obsessed or something. . . Which I’m not. I just love the feeling exercise gives me.Continue reading “Demon Possessed. . .”

The Battle of a Survivor!

So, a few posts ago I mentioned how my parents don’t look their age. . . For my dad, his reasoning is simple. He can shave his beard and look like he’s in his twenties again. For my mom, it’s much more complicated. . . You might want to sit down for this post, becauseContinue reading “The Battle of a Survivor!”

We Are the FREAKS!

So, life is going back to normal this week. . . The past month my entire schedule has been thrown off because of church commitments and birthdays—Oh wait! My dad’s birthday is Friday!!! He’s turning 47, although I feel like he should be younger than that. . . Neither of my parents look their age,Continue reading “We Are the FREAKS!”

Commitment Issues

Ha! You thought I was going to talk about a relationship of some kind. Well, think again! Because, I am not in a relationship, nor have I ever been in one, so there. Now, back to what’s important. . . So, you know when you get motivated to do something but you have to doContinue reading “Commitment Issues”

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