Oregon, Day 9: Teenage REVOLUTION!

Today we kids were left alone while the parents went on a hike to see a waterfall. . .

Ummm. . . There was 10 of us. Ten TEENAGERS left home alone!

Now that might sound like a rebellion just waiting to happen, and if I’m being honest. . .

Here are some texts from our group chat after the parents hadn’t been gone for TEN minutes.

This conversation. . .

Led to this conversation. . .

Yep. That happened. 🤣

Anyway, ALL TEN OF US procrastinated our homework all week because we wanted to spend time with each other, so we had to do homework for the majority of the time.

Our parents were gone for 5 hours.

The girls cooked lunch for the first hour. Then I spent the other four hours preparing and cooking dinner.

While dinner cooked, we played SIGNS together!


Oh, hey. . .

Did I mention that I was put in charge of these kids?!

Yep. I was.

But, everyone was chill.

No revolt happened, no one got hurt, and no one caught the house on fire.

It was actually really nice without the adults around. I tidied up, cooked, switched laundry, did part of my homework, and still managed to play with my friends.

Today was a good day. . .

I’m not looking forward to tomorrow. 😫😣


Grace 💜

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