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Oregon, Day 7: The Game

Hey guys!

Sorry I’m posting this so late. . .

Today has just been amazing! It has really been a DREAM!!!

We went to church as usual, which means that we left the house at 9:45a.m. and didn’t get home until 6:15p.m.

Yep. That’s church for us. . . AND I LOVE IT!

Anyway, after church we invited over some friends.

The guy who went to New Zealand. His brother-in-law. His roommate. And, our worship leader.

(Just a side note. The roommate, William, said something that I hadn’t thought of in YEARS! He called me Gracie by accident, which is understandable. And, then he called me Gracie Lou. I remembered tonight that everyone back home in Texas called me “Gracie Lou.” My teachers called me that, so did my friends, and even my family did. I had forgotten that. It brought a smile to my face. 😊)

So, they came over and we played The Game.

The Game is also known as Marbles and Jokers, but with slightly different rules.

If you don’t know either game. . . Well, they are like Sorry, but if Sorry was on steroids.

So. . .

I’m not going to explain the game because it’s WAYYYY too complicated to even try to explain over a blog post, but I wanted to mention it anyway.

I love this game SO MUCH because it brings strangers together. Take tonight for example.

The guy who went to New Zealand is a complete stranger to me, as is his roommate. I know next to nothing about either one of them. I haven’t spoken two words to either one, and tonight I got to watch them and laugh with them and play with them.

They are actually really cool people, quirks and all! 😊😏

I love nights like these! I love being able to just enjoy the life I’ve been given and the people I’ve met. . .

They make life worth all the trials. They’re family, whether they’re blood or not.

I know that I could put my life in their hands and be completely safe.

I may miss Texas because of the friends that live there, but I could NEVER call it home, because home is now the beautiful place called Oregon!

I’m SOOOO grateful my parents moved our family here, even if it meant sacrificing idols in our lives. This is where I was meant to be. . .


Grace 💜


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